Bestsellers on Spotlight: A Hollywood Date with the Teak Del-Amo Garden Bench

Bestsellers on Spotlight: A Hollywood Date with the Teak Del-Amo Garden Bench

Yes, this is the film that immortalized the lines of Anna Scott played by Julia Roberts. ''The fame thing isn't real, you know. And don't forget: I'm also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her."

The bench scene is equally memorable, too. It is the last scene of the epilogue that leaves us with a visual interpretation of, "And they lived happily ever after."

The Notting Hill, 1991

"For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her. Some people do spend their whole lives together." - Anna Scott

One of its romantic scenes is the iconic bench scene wherein the two, Ana and Will while roaming uninvited in a gated compound with aĀ spectacular garden. Ana paused in front of a wooden bench and read its dedication aloud. Sat on the bench, invited Will to sit beside her, and then cue love song as the scene began to fade.

A huge success in ticket sales earning a total of $364M worldwide. An endearing romantic, comedy of two unlikely individuals, William Thacker and Anna Scott falling in love, and eventually getting their Hollywood version of fairy tale ending. A modern twist on the Cinderella story where the male protagonist is rescued by the Princess in her powerful manā€™s suit. She kissed him, he got flustered.

Will, an owner of the unknown bookstore at Portobello Road in London, got swept off his feet by Anna, an extremely famous Hollywood actress with a power player personality. They encountered several misfortunes trying to pursue a romance, presented in witty and intelligent sequence with a large ensemble of cheerful, weird but lovable friends.Ā 

Teak Del-Amo 4-Seater Bench

We proudly offer our 4-seater bench built entirely using teak hardwood which is perfect for outdoor use. A finely crafted piece of furniture that celebrates the warmth and charm of a wooden garden bench.

Turn to this bench for date night inspiration. Create a romantic moment, if not the most romantic, on this love seat. Charm your way into her heart by carving a customized dedication on its backrest, same as June's in the movie.

Bring a book and a mobile speaker. Play the movie's theme song. Ronan Keatingā€™s ā€œWhen You Say Nothing At Allā€, to make it extra special. Drinks would be a nice gesture, too.

With its contoured seating and curved back support, this bench is exquisitely designed to ensure a comfortable seating experience. A worthy investmentĀ in termsĀ of aesthetic beauty, and multiple functions. What makes it even more meaningful is the stories and memories you can create on this bench. That is priceless.

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