Best Kids Patio Furniture For Your Home

Best Kids Patio Furniture For Your Home

Providing kids their own safe, comfortable, and extra reliable furniture when outdoors is an important responsibility. Setting up kid size outdoor furniture scaled to their size ensures secure sitting at a table custom-built for them. It also gives them a designated space to eat, draw, or play so you can keep the adult area tidy and organized. Spending time outdoors is essential for growing up mentally and emotionally healthy with the benefits of interaction, nature, and play. While getting out can provide exercise and adventure, there are also psychological benefits to being outside, even when you're just relaxing.

As parents strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for their kids indoors, the same must be done for their outdoor spaces. The fantastic gifts that the sun, fresh air, and interaction provide are more than enough reasons to explore the outdoor area as an extension of educational and relaxation space.

Kids shouldn't get stuck on their iPads with their apps and games, nor glued watching television and their favorite shows, and nor captivated by their gaming gadgets. The increase in numbers of children spending a predominant amount of time inside has led to numerous studies published highlighting the negative impact on their health and development. At the same time, research has also discovered many benefits to children engaging in various activities outdoors.

Happy & confient child who's got potential to be a future leader.

What to Look for Before Buying Kids Furniture

Have you ever seen a kid who doesn't love to play outside? Chances are, if you have a child, they won't want to stay inside all day. Nature is something that can benefit kids in many ways. Kids who spend more time outdoors are happier, more intelligent, attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors. Giving your child access to nature is a surefire way to improve their cognitive functioning and mood. While it's unclear exactly how this happens, we know a few things about why kids love spending time alfresco.

Spending time outdoors has been shown to have many benefits, even necessary for both kids and adults. Some argue that it can be any outdoor environment. Some claim it has to be a green environment, one with trees and leaves. Others maintain a picture of nature can benefit mental health. Setting these aside, most of the studies disclose that kids who play outside are happier, more intelligent, and more attentive. Support and endorse outdoor adventures with the best kids patio furniture for your home.

Overall, the benefits of spending time outdoors are endless. You will feel better, be healthier, and find more meaning in life. Your kids will thrive too. Just go outside and engage in activities that promote your child's development and bring out the child in you.

Kids are happier, more energetic and smarter with outdoor activities.
  • Builds Confidence and Stimulates Learning. Kids who play outdoors have less structure and free-flowing where they are the storytellers and lead actors of their games. It enriches their human experience as they interact and play with kids their age.
  • Develops Creativity. Kids think more freely, design their activities, and approach the world in inventive ways. 
  • Instills How to be Responsible. Giving kids tasks, big or small, as they do their activities outdoors, whether seated with their drawing pads or gardening tasks, asks them to clean up afterward to teach them how to be responsible for their things and space.
  • Great Exercise. Space outdoors provides them room to run and play physically demanding games, promoting agility, coordination, and determination to the routine.
  • It Reduces Stress and Fatigue. An effortless type of attention known as soft fascination creates feelings of pleasure, not fatigue. Providing the little ones with the best kids' patio furniture for your home to support some of their activities such as swinging, rocking, lounging, and dining equates to happy kids.

How to Size Kids Furniture

Kids are great at imaginative and creative play, which is a delight to watch. From dragons and dungeons to fairies and witches and talking and flying cars, there are several delightful surprises that children come up with when they allow their artistic selves to takeover. A simple chair and table can become all kinds of places or simply a place to get creative or eat. Children's furniture varies in size depending on the brand and style, but most furniture builders follow guidelines based on the children they design it for.

Kids loving the spacious porch swing!

Table Height

The width, depth, or diameter of a table vary greatly, based upon the number of children, their heights, and ages to seat at once comfortably. For toddlers up to 4 years old, the standard table height is 20" to 22", then for children, age 5 to 7, a table 22" to 25", and lastly, for 8 to 10 years old 24" to 29".

Chair Sizes

Chidren's furniture, chair particularly, its height is set according to the recommended age range of the children who will sit. There is no standard for chair back height, but the seat ranges from 10" to 12" off the ground for toddlers, 12" to 14" for children ages 5 to 7, and then 13" to 17" for kids 8 to 10 years old.

Tables and Chairs Pairing

In buying an outdoor table or picnic table for kids, consider obtaining chairs or benches designed to match the table to ensure a good fit. Otherwise, the chair seat may be too low or high for the table or desk, making it awkward to use the flat surface and may not be safe for the little ones. And the last thing you want to happen is for the kids to get into an accident while they're trying to get into their chair.

Size Considerations

If purchasing children's furniture for more than one child to use, purchase pieces for the age range of the oldest child or even a little older, since children grow fast. Otherwise, they may soon outgrow the pieces, and you may be faced with yet another furniture purchase.


Where to Buy Kids Patio Furniture

At The Charming Bench Company, we are proud to offer top-quality Kids Patio Furniture custom-sized for the young ones from the finest manufacturers and artisans in the industry. Something as simple as a porch swing can help kids relax and have fun while enjoying a break from school. Then thoroughly enjoying the sun with a supervised picnic with friends and schoolmates during weekends. Exciting to share meals, drawing pads, and play games, not electronic, anchored on a traditional picnic bench sprawled under a tree. Pets are welcome to join, too!

Our patio furniture for children brings back beautiful memories, how the parents now shared valuable moments with their mothers then or their grandparents riding the rocker, gently staying back and forth. There is no greater joy than being in a campfire with the whole family, enjoying the warmth and ambiance around a glowing fire lit by the fire pit, comfortably seated on an all-terrain Adirondack chair.

Great father & son weekend bonding in the patio.

And when siblings decide to ride the swing side-by-side, get the perfect size wooden lawn swing made of durable Cedar that's built to last. More catching up with best friends can be done on the classic tete-a-tete chair to ensure that the secret handshake remains a secret.

When you shop with us, particularly our kids-sized outdoor furniture, you are guaranteed that every product we offer is made with the highest standards of craftsmanship and backed by our first-class customer service. Every purchase you make on our site includes free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

Your satisfaction is always our highest priority. I hope you find the perfect charming furniture for your home or business that will bring you many years of enjoyment. We know you have many options for furniture stores, so we thank you for choosing us. We know how it feels to shop and want to make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

Top Selling Kids Furniture 

Introducing the cutest kid's outdoor furniture sets to snag just in time for warmer weather - top sellers regardless of the season. These are perfect for your little one to have their own designated space to eat, play, or draw. You can also feel safe and at ease knowing they are sitting at a table their size designed with safety in mind. Indeed, these are the best kids patio furniture for your home you are bound to fall in love with because it's an extraordinary selection in every way.

The Traditional and Classic Picnic Tables

A kids' picnic table will contribute to the overall safety of the dining area because it is easier for children to sit on the seats and reach the table. Seats are at the child's height, so they don't have to climb, reducing the chance of falls. In addition, making it easy for children to seat themselves can reduce opportunities to misbehave, resulting in injuries and accidents.

Pressure Treated Pine Kids Picnic Table

Planning a holiday picnic with your family? Involve the kids and make sure it's simple and fun! Start with ensuring they have their own space and are seated well. Buy the Pressure Treated Pine Kids Picnic Table from A & L Furniture, an excellent investment for your little ones as they learn and explore how to mingle with other children.

Pressure Treated Pine Kids Picnic Table by A & L Furniture

Rustic Nicholas Kids Picnic Table

Lighten up the mood and bring in a fun element that your children will enjoy, whether on your sundeck, porch, or terrace, with our Moon Valley Rustic Nicholas Kids Picnic Table. Crafted using quality grade solid Ponderosa Pine and Northern White Cedar wood for its sturdy frame, top, and seat, it makes an eye-catching aesthetic that will provide a comfortable dining place for your young ones. Proudly made in America, Moon Valley furniture features the highest quality log furniture available.

Rustic Nicholas Kids Picnic Table by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

Treated Pine Kid's Picnic Table

Picture smiling, beaming, and excited little youngsters ready to sit around the picnic table. The Treated Pine Kid's Picnic Table by Creekvine Designs, and you've got the perfect setting for the perfect summer day. This mini version of our larger table gives kids a fun place to eat while giving the grownups a chance to socialize. This treated pine table is designed and hand-crafted by Amish artisans, who genuinely understand what kids want.
Treated Pine Kid's Picnic Table by Wood Country

The Iconic Adirondack Chair

By adding a child Adirondack chair to your outdoor space, you are not just making your outdoor family space beautiful and complete; you are also allowing your kids to enjoy the warm weather and, at the same time to feel the comfort that this type of chair provides. This all-terrain chair is versatile in every way, like a true New Yorker. You can bring it anywhere, and it'll never fail you. It is one of the best kids patio furniture for your home.

Aside from being a beautiful addition to your outdoor living oasis, you can also put a smaller version of the traditional Adirondack chair in the playroom of your children. It will provide your children with a comfortable place to sit while reading a storybook while studying or doing other fun activities requiring them to sit down.

Placing a smaller version of the Adirondack chair to your patio, garden, or porch together with the adult size chairs allows your children to have their own relaxing space. Its oversized armrests, spacious seating area, and slightly curved and slanted backrest that is just enough for kids' body figure make this type of outdoor furniture so comfortable. Your children can sit down for a more extended period without you worrying about them getting hurt.

Cedar Child Size Wide Slat Adirondack Chair

Allow the kids to play and interact with fellow kids at a safe and charming spot in your outdoor area. Provide a space wherein the kids can chat, dine and play some games. Choose the Cedar Child Size Wide Slat Adirondack Chair for your kids' fun and playful outdoor adventures.


Cedar Child Size Wide Slat Adirondack Chair by Creekvine Designs

T&L Childs Adirondack Chair

The T&L Child’s Adirondack Chair is made to match the adult version and constructed from hand-selected Western Red Cedar and constructed with wood screws, and you can’t find a better piece of furniture. It is made from the same high-quality material and craftsmanship.

T&L Childs Adirondack Chair by Wood Country

The Nostalgic Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs provide a bit of nostalgia, an American classic, and bring us back to a simpler time when relaxing was how we ended the day. And just as adults indulge in relaxation, every child needs a peaceful place to relax, too. Research has shown that rocking chairs can offer emotional, social, and motor development. Why? Because the frequent gliding motion of the rocking chairs enhances brain development and your child's ability to pay attention.

Rocking Chair Therapy Research suggests that rocking may help children with ADD and ADHD to focus their attention on the tasks at hand. Presumably, the rocking chairs provide the distracted kids' motion while reading, studying, or listening.

A rocking chair for the little ones is the perfect gift for any youngster who needs a little help calming down. It is definitely one of the best kids patio furniture for your home. Below are sturdy, handmade wooden rocking chair features a hand-painted design and is sure to bring comfort and smiles to kids of all ages. 

Children's Cedar Rocker

Our Children's Cedar Rocker by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture is designed for your child. Small in size but large in heritage, it has all the special features of our full-size rocker. Built to last and pass down through the generations.

Children's Cedar Rocker by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

Hickory Child's Rocker

The Hickory Child's Rocker by A & L Furniture is a one-of-a-kind rocker chair for the cutest child in the house. A charming addition to your child’s happy space made even more special because it is handmade by the Amish woodworkers who are recognized for their quality products.

Hickory Child's Rocker by A & L Furniture

The Fun Outdoor Seating 

To prevent the kids from running around the house all day. They need to get some fresh air and get them outside for a while. It's a nice change of scenery from what they see day in and day out, and I think they'll appreciate it more if there are some new outdoor furniture options too. Here are a few worth mentioning best kids patio furniture for your home.

The Lawn Chair is perfect for the little ones. It's a versatile and durable chair designed to withstand the test of time. It's lightweight and easy to move but sturdy enough for your most rambunctious child. The Tete-a-Tete is perfect for siblings who want to chat and share snacks. The kids can use it as a bench or sit on opposite ends and swing away! The Cedar Lawn Swing is the perfect accessory for those days when you want to kick back and relax with your family.

Children's Cedar Lawn Chair

Built for comfort, this miniature version of our full-size chair will provide just the place for your child to sit among the "big kids". Our Children's Cedar Lawn Chair by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture is sturdy, durable, and built to last. Kids can sit beside you and have a fantastic under the sun. This is definitely the best seat for the little one with remarkable details such as log legs to ensure its durability to ensure they're safe and comfortable, sanded smooth to perfection, and built to last.

Children's Cedar Lawn Chair by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

Children's Classic Tete A Tete 

Our Children's Classic Tete-a-tete is a miniature version of our classic tete-a-tete! Built with the same quality craftsmanship that goes into each piece of Moon Valley furniture, it's sure to please your little ones!

Children's Classic Tete A Tete by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

Children's Cedar Lawn Swing 

Our Children's Cedar Lawn Swing by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture has a natural beauty that's perfect for any backyard. With contoured seats and rounded edges, our cedar swings are designed to keep kids swinging all year comfortably long! We love the idea depicted in the design of this cedar swing set. It's a place where we can spend some quality time with our kids. It's made from the finest quality northern white cedar and is designed to last for many years to come.


Children's Cedar Lawn Swing by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture


The benefits of getting your children outdoors can be as simple as a few chairs and a small table. And while they may not be perfect for summer barbecues or hosting big family gatherings, they are perfect for playing, drawing, and eating. If you are planning to bring the kids outdoors more often, prepare reliable patio furniture for the youngsters. The primary concern is their safety and well-being.

And these enduring pieces adored by many are the best kids patio furniture for your home. They are worth every investment poured into each slat of wood and every angle you can comfortably enjoy as you sit back and savor the joy of owning patio furniture that's built to last.


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