What You Need to Know About Fire Pit Covers

What You Need to Know About Fire Pit Covers

Fire pit covers are an essential part of owning a beautiful fire pit. Obviously, being outdoors exposed to harsh weather elements can take a heavy toll on even the highest quality of fire pits. The best protection you can provide for your fire pit is to use a cover when not in use.

If it is portable, you can store it in the meantime while not in use. This will help prevent erosion and rust as well as discoloration. It will preserve your fire pit and reduce the amount of maintenance required to ensure optimum performance and retain its aesthetic value.

Fire pit covers are typically available to suit all fire pits' shape, be it square, round or rectangular. They also come in all sizes and materials, ranging from relatively inexpensive fabric covers to sturdier wrought iron models.


Material Covers

When choosing a material cover, it is vital to measure your fire pit on all sides or diameter. If your fire pit's diameter is not available, selecting a slightly larger one is the next best thing. Ensure that your cover's height is shorter than your fire pit to allow airflow to circulate. Measure the length, height, and width of your fire pit in inches.

Often material covers have superior qualities to each other. Some may boast that the material is highly water-resistant. Others may be suitable for indoor and light outdoor use but not for long periods outside. They often come in light/ medium or heavyweight, and the price is reflective of its durability.


Vinyl Covers

Vinyl covers offer mesh vents to circulate air to minimize the possibility of mold and mildew and elastic bottoms and drawcords with adjustable locks. Hence, they hug the fire pit and protect it from rain, hail, collecting leaves, snow, ice, and UV rays, which can fade.

Vinyl is a plastic-based fabric that is highly water-resistant and relatively heavy and thick. It is known to become brittle and crack after some time in the elements.

Metal Covers

You may choose to elect for a metal cover, which is by far the most protective. These fire pits are typically made from wrought iron, and many offer a choice of base colors ranging from bronze, slate gray to graphite. They are heavy and sturdy and can safely put out the fire, and many styles are hinged in the center, enabling easy storage.

Unlike vinyl or canvas, they will not rot, blow away or fade in the sun. They are also safe to extinguish flames and prevent burning while the fire pit is still hot. Since they are made from sturdy materials, you can be ensured that the pit covers will last for a very long time. Many brands offer warranties of ten years or more.

Nylon Covers 

Although a synthetic material, nylon is somewhat breathable and is known to retain its flexibility longer than vinyl. It is extremely water-resistant, like vinyl.  


Canvas Covers 

Canvas is a heavy fabric usually made from cotton and isn't water-resistant unless specially treated. However, the treatments do wear off over time.  


Mesh Safety Screens

These are useful as an extra layer of protection between you and the flames and prevent debris from blowing in. It also stops sparks from flying out to prevent fire. They are available in several styles, including lift-offs, hinged, and pivoting.


Fireglass Glass Wind Guards

These are a great, stylish option for keeping your gas fire pit safe, contained, and lit when in windy conditions. Thick, tempered glass surrounds the gas flame area and is suitable for rocks, glass, lava, and other gas fire pit media.

DIY Fire Pit Covers

For the more adventurous, fire pit covers can be customized and personalized by creating them yourself. A canvas cover would be for those more comfortable with a needle and cotton, whereas crafts-people and carpenters may wish to make a wooden lid with a pattern or even a game board on the cover. An excellent entertainment tool, as well as stylish and practical!


Fire Pit Grates

Grates are not fire pit covers, but they go over the pit and make it easier to light wood-burning fires because they give you access to space under the fire, where kindling and tinder goes. Heat rises, and when the hot air from your fire pit increases, it is replaced with cooler air.

Empty space for the cooler air is created with a grate in place, enhancing the fire's draft as it becomes warm and rises. This adds to the upward flow of hot air. You can also use them for cooking. BBQ must be the first on the menu.

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