Top 10 Deck Designs with Hot Tub and Pergola

Deck Designs with Hot Tub and Pergola

Designing your deck with a hot tub and a pergola can have endless combinations and seem overwhelming. That’s why we’re here. We’ve narrowed down those endless combinations to this list of top 10 deck designs with hot tub and pergola.

Design #1: Raised Platform with Pergola

Build a platform that will support the hot tub and add a privacy screen to one or all three sides of the hot tub if necessary. The raised platform of this hot tub deck will have a space below where guests can stand and socialize beside the hot tub, keeping it part of the deck and not a separate location - ideal for outdoor living and entertaining.

Design #2: Hot Tub and Raised Deck with Pergola

Instead of building a platform for the hot tub to sit on, you can build the deck around the hot tub and place the hot tub on the ground. This gives the hot tub the most stability by being on the ground instead of reinforcing the platform of the hot tub. The deck surrounding the hot tub can have a seating area, an outdoor grill, and a pergola - all perfect design ideas for your outdoor space.

Design #3: Hot Tub Bench and Pergola

You can build a bench surrounding your hot tub if you don’t have the option to sink your hot tub into your deck. This creates the illusion of a sunken hot tub by having the sides of the hot tub benched on the deck.


You can choose a pergola that is large enough to cover the benches built around the hot tub so that the entire hot tub area stays covered.

Design #4: Multi-Leveled Platform Deck with Pergola

Make the most out of your deck and hot tub by creating different layers and zones for your outdoor living space. The hot tub can be located off the side of the deck, while the pergola and other seating are located just outside the door. This gives your deck a dynamic feel and allows guests to navigate different areas of your backyard without being confined to just one area.

Design #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Stone

You can incorporate stone into your deck design if you want to make the most of your ground or patio area near your deck to keep your hot tub area separate from your deck area.

You can separate these two elements by using stones or bricks for the footing of the hot tub area while using real wood to enhance the deck area of your backyard.

You can choose to place the pergola over the hot tub or on the deck. Using stone with your wooden deck will create a unique and upscale feel to what would be an ordinary back deck.

Design #6: Pergola with Bar

Using a large 12’ x 12’ pergola like this Bodhi pergola by Highwood, you can add a serving bar to one or all three sides of the hot tub to create the perfect social spot that no one will want to leave.

The serving bar is the perfect addition to your hot tub and pergola combo to create a literal and figurative watering hole on your back deck.

You can add bar stools or high-top chairs to place around the serving bar. This will give your guests a place to sit and enjoy the company even if they don’t want to take a dip in the hot tub. With seating, they don’t have to sacrifice the experience just because there’s no place to sit.  

Design #7: Hot Tub and Fire Pit Combo

What better way to enjoy your hot tub than by an ambient fire coming from a fire pit? Completing your hot tub and pergola deck design with a fire pit will give your back deck everything you need for enjoying a relaxing evening at home or entertaining your closest friends and family.

Design #8: Create a Private Space with Pergola Curtains

Instead of investing in materials to create a privacy screen or barrier on each side of the hot tub for this hot tub deck idea, you can add pergola curtains to your pergola around your hot tub deck.

Not only do pergola curtains give you privacy, but they also add a luxurious feel to your hot tub and backyard by transforming your hot tub area into your own private spa. Add a garden, a water feature, and some soft music, and you will have created the perfect spa.

Design #9: Go All Natural

You can still create a nice area for your hot tub and pergola without using an excessive amount of lumber or decking. Place the hot tub in your backyard and use the natural rocks or greenery around the hot tub to give it a natural feel. If you need a walkway, simply purchase a few paving stones to serve as a walkway to your hot tub or seating area.

Design #10: Use Lots of Lighting

Adding string lights to your pergola and deck will allow you to enjoy your deck and hot tub all night long. Lights can be easily placed on your pergola as you string them from one end to the other. You can also wrap rope lighting around the posts and ceiling beams of the pergola if you prefer to avoid string lights.

Before You Go

If you’re unsure which pergola to choose or need more information on our pergolas or deck ideas, check out our article where we compare pergolas and help you choose the perfect pergola for your backyard.  And if you need help taking care of your pergola, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Keep in mind that the most important aspect of designing your deck with a hot tub and pergola for outdoor living is safety. If it is raised, make sure that your hot tub is reinforced so that your deck can withstand the weight of the hot tub and the water.

If your hot tub is recessed within a deck, make sure it stays covered when it’s not being used, especially if you have small children nearby.

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