Tips for Choosing Pet-Friendly Patio Furniture

Tips for Choosing Pet-Friendly Patio Furniture

Maybe you have a pet dog who likes chewing on furniture that also loves to hang around the porch and take naps when he's too tired of being a guard dog. Or perhaps a cat who entertains himself clawing your furniture and sheds its fur everywhere. You might have considered the suggestion of saving your expensive furniture by getting rid of your pets.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your pets from destroying your favorite patio furniture. Let's dig in and claw our way into creating a pet-friendly patio (no pun intended).


Wood decking, commonly used for patios, but in the case of your dog and cat, you might want to rethink options. Investing in expensive hardwood floors only to be ruined by scratches and muddy paw prints might make you regret your decision. Instead, choose easy to clean flooring materials like concrete or tiles.

It will make cleaning easier during those potty-training days, and when it's neatly polished, it will look great with any style of furniture. If concrete is too cold for you, another option is artificial grass, which is going to be loved by your pets and teens.

While artificial turf can be more expensive, it saves a lot in the long run. There are no grass allergies, low maintenance, and stepping on a live grass is no longer a concern. While hardwood floors can still be used, try to get it installed when your pets are a bit more mature and trained. 

Making Zones

Creating different zones for pets and teens will likely keep them off of your expensive patio furniture. Make your pets comfortable by adding their beds outside with easy access to freshwater and food. Scratching posts or even carton boxes can make your cat happy and hold its paws off your furniture.

Choosing Low Maintenance Fabrics

If you find a successful way of keeping dogs out of the couch, write a book about it. You'll undoubtedly make millions. The porch bench swing is another invitation for your pets to nap on. While this is inevitable for reasons unexplained, choose synthetic fabric covers for your pillow and cushions that are easy to clean.

For example, Sunbrella fabrics stand out as a durable and chic option for outdoor furniture, resilient against the elements and pet wear. Renowned for their fade-resistant quality, Sunbrella fabrics also boast water and stain resistance, making them perfect for pet owners. Moreover, they are simple to clean and upkeep, guaranteeing your porch bench swing will maintain a fresh and welcoming look for years to come. Check through some of the best sunbrella fabric for outdoor furniture and make sure you pick one that fits your color scheme and design aesthetic.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Furniture

Resin wicker furniture - made out of plastic resin which resembles the look of wicker, synthetic resin furniture is easy to clean should your pets decide to do its business on it. A quick hose down or a thorough washing with soap and water can easily clean this material. If there is fur or debris stuck in between the weaves, vacuum it to remove and prevent the accumulation of hair.

Wooden Furniture - Yes, you can have wooden furniture if your dog or cat has finally stopped their habit of scratching. Covering it temporarily with furniture covers can protect it from dents and scratches.

Iron - Iron is virtually indestructible, and it's heavy-duty. It absorbs heat and cold, so this might turn down your pets from even going near it. The downside is iron can rust if not maintained properly. Treating it with paint and varnish can help it go a long way.

Making your garden pet-friendly

Occasionally, your pets might get down from their posts and romp around the garden. Dogs might happily lie down and bask in the sun or chase birds and butterflies in your garden. Cats might be on the wilder side and will likely dig and romp and patrol down your yard for little animals. It might also find your vegetable garden and eat lettuce or tomato, or spinach.

To keep your plants protected from your pets, use netting and fences to form a barrier to your crops. Create a path since dogs love to patrol down gardens. If space allows it, set aside a spot for them to play fetch or frisbee. Create boundaries to prevent them from digging. Pebbles, flagstone, and other smooth rocks are paw-friendly ground covers.

Adding a water feature for water-loving dogs will make the garden more enjoyable for them and will also add interest to your outdoor spaces. Remember that making your outdoor area pet-friendly is just one part of owning a pet. Properly training these fur babies might take some patience, but worth all the trouble to keep your patio furniture looking great for a long time.

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