Restaurants and Bars Outdoor Patio Furniture

Restaurants and Bars Outdoor Patio Furniture

Patios in bars and restaurants can create a peaceful ambiance, and outdoor seating provides more of a natural and relaxing setting for your guests while still offering the quality of indoor service.

For a relaxing experience, patio bar furniture plays a pivotal role. A patio is not just a matter of having space for additional activities, it’s also an opportunity to provide a breath of fresh air for your restaurant. In addition, it can become a free advertising space for foot traffic with the right furniture.

Why Should You Consider a Patio?

In addition to seating, outdoor patio furniture also serve as a beneficial business move for restaurants and bars. Having outdoor restaurant patio furniture is ideal for attracting more customers and increasing revenue. It allows you to serve more customers and is just more fun.

Before buying patio furniture, consider the type of space you have. Do you need a small, intimate space or a large one where family members will gather? Then, choose pieces that fit your restaurant’s style and your budget. A patio mainly used for outdoor dining and relaxing may not need a chaise lounge while an expansive deck might require a large amount of various seating choices. If you have limited space for a patio, you may want to opt for fewer pieces of furniture.

Things to Look for When Buying Bar and Restaurant Patio Furniture

The price of bar and restaurant patio furniture is a significant consideration. Generally, these items start at around $100 each and go up from there. It can be confusing if you're looking for cheap tables and chairs, so here are a few tips to help you pick the right furniture:

Ensure that the Furniture is Sturdy and Durable

Most outdoor patio furniture ships via freight carrier, which can be expensive, especially for large, heavy items. When looking for patio furniture, choose lighter woods and avoid dark metals. They tend to absorb more sunlight and can get hot and fade over time. When looking at restaurant and bar patio furniture, look for lighter wood, as it won't get as hot as metal or plastic. Consider purchasing a canopy for your outdoor space if you're not sure.


When choosing the perfect patio furniture, you must consider your business's needs and budget. The materials should be strong enough to withstand the elements and maintain the color. If you consider using the furniture for your business, look for a durable and comfortable set. Don't be frightened to experiment with different options when it comes to your patio set. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what's suitable for your establishment.

Seating Size

Outdoor patios are ideal for after-work parties, but consider the size of the seating area carefully. While many outdoor dining venues have a small patio, the overall layout should be spacious enough for a large group of guests. In addition, the space should be big enough to accommodate staff and guests. If the seating area is large enough, you can add lounge seating or fire pit tables.

Be Mindful of Customers Comfort

Depending on the size of your restaurant, the patio's location is also essential. It's crucial that patrons comfortably enjoy themselves. If customers sit in uncomfortable chairs or tables, they'll not want to return. Therefore, restaurant owners should choose a location that will allow them to provide proper and convenient seating for their customers.


If the patio furniture is wood, make sure it's a durable wood. If it's a plastic resin, wood, or wicker, the vivid color will last only a few years. Check reviews and consumer reports to determine which materials will hold up in the long run. For the most critical pieces, splurge on if you can afford to do so. You can also save some money when choosing pillows and accent tables.

Our Top Recommendations for Patio Bar Furniture

1. Bahama Avalon Bar Set

The Bahama Avalon 3-Pieces Square Bar Set is designed for two people and comes fully assembled. The sculpted seat and curved backrest of the bar chair complement the sturdy footrest of the table. The teak wood construction of the entire set is treated to achieve a natural wood-like appearance. This is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use, even if you do not have a lot of space.

2. Hickory Bar Stool

The Hickory Bar Stool is a classic American piece. Its long twigs give it a distinctive style, and the slats and frame are crafted from solid hickory. It comes in 24" and 30" heights. Hickory sticks are steamed then hand bent, giving each piece its unique appearance and character.

3. Amalfi Deep Seating Collection

The Amalfi Relax 3-Pieces Deep Seating Collection features traditional and understated design features. The sleek and modern look of the Amalfi Collection creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining. This comfortable sectional collection is crafted from solid teak wood, finished with a water-based sealer. The pieces in this collection have custom-made cushions using Sunbrella fabric with UV-stabilized pigments.

4. Cedar Classic Dining Set by Creekvine Designs

The two beautiful chairs and 36-inch table are a beautiful addition to any outdoor patio area. It is made of western red cedarwood, and the dining set also features rounded edges and zinc-plated steel hardware. The weather-resistant finish makes it an environmentally-friendly option, and it is ideal for an intimate dining experience and creating a friendly ambiance. Plus, it comes with a one-year manufacturing guarantee.

5. Cedar Log 4ft Yard Swing

The Cedar Log 4ft Yard Swing from Lakeland Mills features a solid wooden frame made of sturdy and durable Northern white cedar tree. This type of wood is known for its durability and strength-to-weight ratio and is also naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. The swing seat is contoured for all-out comfort and support, and the smooth rounded and sanded ends ensure a rust-free finish.


A patio could allow you to host entertaining events like live games or even a fire pit for dinner in the cold evening. In addition, if more people visit your restaurant, it could result in many more customers eating, staying for longer, or drinking, thus increasing your profit. This can all happen if you have well-placed and aesthetically appealing patio bar furniture.

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