Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture for Hotels and Resorts

Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture for Hotels and Resorts

Outdoor resort or hotel patio furniture is among the most critical aspects of these properties, without a doubt. The entryway, patio, and surrounding natural environments are the first thing guests encounter and interact with when they arrive. Gardens, balconies, and any furniture, facility, or amenity installed in those areas are visible immediately and the first to greet guests when they arrive at the hotel.

The vibe and atmosphere of the hotel you're developing are essential to cultivating its image. Therefore, creating a functional, beautiful, unique, and exceptional space outside the hotel matters.

Here are some guidelines to help you identify the finest outdoor resort and hotel patio furniture.

Outline Ideal Environment

First, define the overall aesthetics of the hotel or resort and then consider that when searching for hotel patio furniture options.

Consider Maintenance and Durability

You can pick between commercial outdoor furniture that requires periodic maintenance or furniture that is maintenance-free. Certain materials, such as aluminum, are maintenance-free and can be stored outside throughout the year. Other materials, like iron, are prone to rust and require regular maintenance.

Additionally, aluminum is renowned for its strength, weather resistance, and durability. It doesn't suffer from the intense consequences of corrosion. Because aluminum furniture pieces are not likely to get rusty, cleaning is as easy as using water and soap. In addition, since it is 100% recyclable, it is believed to be among the most eco-friendly metals.

Rattan outdoor furniture, commonly called wicker, is constructed of woven fibers molded into a solid material. Wicker fibers are composed of polyethylene, which is safe and completely recyclable. This high-quality synthetic weaving is selected with care to be UV weather-resistant and washable, long-lasting. Rehau, Viro, and Ecolene are just a few producers of this type of fiber. 

Aluminum and rattan outdoor furniture pieces can help reduce the amount of effort needed to keep the furniture of your resort or hotel in good condition.

Consider Weather Conditions

If you plan to add outdoor seating to your resort or hotel, one of the biggest problems is finding hotel patio furniture that can handle the local weather conditions.

Start by finding out the local weather conditions in the region. Are there days of sunshine all year long? Are there any hurricanes that hit the area? Then, tailor your furniture and fabrics according to the climate of your location.

Consider Ease of Movement

Take note of how often you intend to move furniture in your outdoor area. Are you planning to place furniture in the same spot all year long? A heavier option might be the best. If you plan to move around the furniture more frequently, such as with poolside furniture, then lighter furniture is the better option.

Additional tips

Explore fabric options

Modern garden furniture of good quality requires cushions. Sets of sofas, daybeds, hanging chairs, chaise loungers, and gazebo furniture all need cushions composed of strong fibers to protect them from deterioration. An efficient method of achieving this is to use quick-dry foam.

Quick Dry Foam is an outdoor furniture material for cushions that uses a specific method known as "reticulation," which provides maximum air circulation, drainage, and the most comfortable experience possible. It ensures that cushions drain quickly following exposure to morning dew, rain, moisture, salt, spray, humidity, and melting snow. Additionally, these cushions are simple to clean and protected by built-in antimicrobials.

Take a look at our recommendations for outdoor resort and hotel patio furniture.

Explore Cushion Options

1. Lucca Modular Set

Give a contemporary look to your outdoor space with modern patio furniture like the Lucca 13-Piece Deep Seating Set.  This furniture piece is durable and lightweight as it is aluminum metal coated with dry powder coating in gray grit. The best thing about its design is that it can seat up to 13 people, and you can mix-match to create one extensive set or two, three smaller seating sets.

The Lucca seating set comes with Sunbrella cushions containing UV-stable dyes resistant to color fading, water, mold, and mildew, with 36 color options. The complete set includes two loveseats, one center chair, one corner chair, one side table, and a rectangular coffee table.


  • Made with aluminum frame (2mm thick) with high-quality powder coating
  • Sunbrella Cushions included, with 36 colors
  • Includes coffee table and side table
  • No assembly required
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Non-returnable, except defective pieces

2. Riviera Modular Deep Seating Set

The Riviera 11-Piece Deep Seating Collection is another excellent option for hotel patio furniture.  The sofa with thick frames is genuine teak, built to last.

The Riviera set with eight people seating capacity includes one rectangular side table and coffee table and has a unique design, with a whorl armchair and tapered feet legs. It also comes with weather-resistant Sunbrella cushions infused with UV-stable colorants.


  • Made from well-sanded teak wood
  • Includes coffee table and side table
  • Seats 8 people
  • Includes Sunbrella Cushion
  • The inner cushion is made of foam and a Dacron wrap with a thickness of 6"
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Requires assembly

3. Outdoor Folding Wicker Patio Set

The Folding Dark Brown Wicker Patio Set is the perfect option if you want lightweight and easy-to-move furniture for your hotel patio. The striking set comes with a table and two chairs made from woven resin wicker, giving it durability and easy usage throughout summer.


  • Made from thickly woven resin wicker
  • Easy storage because foldable chairs
  • 3 piece set; 2 chairs and table


  • Requires assembly
  • Non-returnable, except defective pieces

4. Capri Sun Lounger

This Capri Sun Lounger with adjustable back and side tray is our favorite pick for patio or pool furniture. The Capri Sun Lounger has a unique design with an attractive drawer that can slide out. When not in use, it can be reinserted back into the Lounger. You can also adjust it to four different sitting positions, including the flat position option.

These loungers also have teak wheels which makes them easier to move around. They are perfect for an outdoor environment. Add in our Sunbrella cushion to make it more comfortable.


  • Made from solid teak wood
  • Includes an adjustable drink tray
  • And adjustable four different positions
  • Easily movable because of teak wheels
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Assembly required

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