How to Spot the Perfect Picnic Table and Bench Set

How to Spot the Perfect Picnic Table and Bench Set

In 1903, Charles H. Nielsen of Kreischer Ville, New York, filed a patent for the design and production of simple picnic tables. This invention is simple yet brilliant. More than a hundred years later, it's still used by many across the globe.

His goal was to provide an improved table that is collapsible, easy to transport, store, and unfolded when needed, at the same time, affordable. It is precisely the reason why the design was kept simple.

Today, there is a fantastic variety of picnic tables to choose from. Some still take on Nielsen's original design with the angled legs and the crossbar supporting the benches.

Some designs evolved into more accessible types; these are the walk-through versions. It has gained traction because it can accommodate wheelchairs. You need not crossover a plank just to be seated.

The others are not anymore portable. It's mounted permanently into the ground. A permanent fixture wherein its legs are drilled into the ground to support the top and benches. Several parks have these, and portability got stricken out to give way to free access and durability.

The size of the picnic table has also evolved so it can accommodate more guests, as its shape creatively modified to fit this purpose. Demand for a customized variant for kids emerged due to a customer-driven trend. The versatility of the picnic table, as well as the identified time-honored values that a multi-functional table represents, are attracting parents buy-ins. 

It provides an alternative space to share meals, study and perform school assignments and projects, and an avenue to socialize and interact with friends and family members among their age group. 

The Charming Bench Company recognizes the importance of Picnic Tables and Benches in your outdoor spaces. We endeavor to provide the perfect fit for your family's needs, suited to your lifestyle at a very affordable price.


The Kids occupy the Best Seats

Rustic Nicholas Kids Picnic Table

Your kids can have all the fun they want on this multi-functional picnic table. It can be used for their meals, an activity area for their artwork, board games, or even storytelling. It is custom made for the little ones and can comfortably accommodate two to three children. A classic picnic set crafted from Ponderosa Pine and Northern White Cedarwood for a sturdy frame, top, and seat. It is safe, sturdy, and comfortable for the kids to use.


Yellow Pine Kids Picnic Table

An adorable kiddie version of our picnic table and bench set so the young ones can freely feast on their spread while you multitask with the preparations, hosting, and managing the picnic. Its built-in seats attached to A-frame will tuck them safely while they're engrossed with the set of activities before and after meals. They are crafted using the highest quality of solid Yellow Pinewood for a sturdy frame, top, and seat.

Western Red Cedar Kids Picnic Table
This Kid's Picnic Table is a delightful set designed for kids so they can be seated comfortably for exciting outdoor meals. They can share it with their chosen seatmates, 2 to 3, on each side and have the utmost fun—a wooden set made from Western Red Cedar, which is ideal for outdoor use. 


The Grown-ups can Tag Along

Cedar Log Picnic Table-Oval

 This picnic set is an all-American inspired table with built-in benches made from the versatile Ponderosa Pinewood, and the highly rot-resistant Northern White Cedarwood. Its rustic appeal makes an excellent accent for your outdoors and would fit perfectly on the deck so you can dine al fresco with the family. It is a customer favorite with fantastic reviews described as beautiful, bursting with incredible craftsmanship.

Yellow Pine Traditional Picnic Table With 2 Benches
A great summer essential dining set for instant family picnics outdoors. Set it up under a tree in your backyard, turn the music up, and declare a no gadget day. Enjoy a hearty picnic under the shade in this finely crafted picnic table hand built by our Amish artisans in Pennsylvania, made from knot-free Southern Yellow Pine.  



Yellow Pine Picnic Table with Attached Benches
A wooden picnic table with built-in benches is your perfect companion on weekend getaways outdoors. A stunning addition to your kids patio furniture collection for those days wherein you long to dine under the stars.

Its top, seat, and frame are made entirely with reliable and durable Yellow Pinewood. Take a seat under an irresistible umbrella for protection during the summer and have a blissful, uninterrupted fun outdoors with the family.   

Cedar Couple Dining Set
Whoever said that date night is not possible at your backyard? It is indeed possible to have a romantic evening with this versatile picnic set trio. Style the backless bench with a bed of flowers taken from the garden with a tray of candles, fill the other bench with pillows of varied sizes, then layout a cheese platter on the dining table with the wine. Easy to execute with maximum payoff!


Heritage Picnic Table With Unattached Benches
A picnic table offers the perfect opportunity to create memories outdoors with your family. Pack your basket and fill it with awesome treats for everyone. You can keep it simple or go way over the top, and come up with an elaborate gathering. Just ensure that you pair it with the perfect outdoor table fit for your loved ones.

You will never go wrong this trio, designed and built to last. It is constructed from faux lumber, maintenance-free HDPE resin with marine-grade fasteners. 


Recycled Plastic 44 Inch Square Walk-In Table
Set up an enjoyable picnic for family and friends by the garden or at the patio on this spacious picnic table that can accommodate a total of eight. It is ideal for outdoor use since it's made from all-weather, maintenance-free and highly durable HDPE poly. Dine, bond, and have the most fantastic day outdoors, whether under a tree or stars. This dining set is your perfect companion.


Recycled Plastic 54 Inch Octagon Walk-In Table
A picnic table that is designed to seat up to eight adults, featuring an 18" walk-in space which is convenient for a highly active family. This looks great in any outdoor spot you choose to set it up. It is made poly lumber, a synthetic, eco-friendly wood. It's weatherproof, maintenance-free, and stain-resistant. 

Yellow Pine Picnic Table With 2 Backed Benches
This picnic table with 2 Backed Benches provide the perfect opportunity to bring out the red and white signature table cover to complement the feast you've prepared for this picnic. Fire the grill, bring out the ice-cold drinks, and start the conversation rolling. A fantastic gathering will never be complete without the perfect dining set to cradle the food & seat



What a fantastic way to celebrate spring, anticipate and be on the lookout for a great day to spend outdoors. Plan, or do an instant family picnic as soon as the weather permits. Grab your picnic basket and the rest of the essentials, set up your picnic table at the most convenient spot, spread out the feast, and have a fabulous time with the family.

It is never easy investing in outdoor furniture. There are several considerations to take into account. It is essential to get everyone's buy-in, even the young ones should have a voice, too. Be patient. Trust the process. Should you need assistance, we would always be happy to help.

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