How To Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

How To Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

Coffee and coffee tables rose to fame in 1652 when the first coffee house opened in London. It was such a big hit that the rest of Europe started opening coffee houses. It was loosely called Penny University. It took a penny to get in with a complimentary cup of coffee.

The coffee table shares the limelight with tea tables, that when the former started becoming more popular than the latter, people started referring to tea tables as coffee tables. Shares the same concept in functionality, the need to put down the hot beverage in between sips. These tables then were taller at 27”, compared to what is being produced today at 18” or 19” tall.
It wasn’t until 1938, that a coffee table was defined as a “low wide table used before a sofa or couch.”
Today, coffee tables still share the same location in the living room in front of the sofa. Yet, the shape, size, and functionality have changed vastly. 

Choosing The Right Shape And Scale

A multi-dimensional and design perspective must be considered when choosing a coffee table that best fits the available space. A coffee table should not be longer than two/thirds of the length of the sofa.  Ensure that you have at least two feet of space in between the other seating to serve as walking space.

A large sectional sofa will need a large square or round coffee table to provide ample surface space for the ones seated on the sofa. Easier to move around with these types of shapes. It will balance and fill the center perfectly, scale-wise.

Determining the perfect shape will depend on the seating layout, for non-sectional traditional sofas. If you’re working on a tighter space but desires an ample walking room, a rectangular, medium-sized round or medium-sized square table are great options. Scale-wise, take a close look at the scale of the seating area and the amount of walking space to determine if a large, medium or small-sized coffee table is needed to balance and fill up space. 

Below are finely crafted Coffee Tables and well-loved by our customers. Scroll down to get inspiration as to which one is best suited for your patio. 


Recycled Plastic Poly Hampton Coffee Table

Create a secluded retreat area with a versatile table made of premium recycled plastic with invisible stainless steel for joints. It is perfect for outdoor use guaranteed weather-proof, maintenance-free and fade-resistant. A versatile table that you can set up at the porch, or at the patio for your outdoor gatherings. 


Lucca Rectangular Coffee Table

A low coffee table that's sleek and modern in design featuring a 2mm machine-made aluminum thick, rectangular frame. Its material is perfect for an outdoor setting. A sturdy and versatile table that can also be used as additional seating when necessary.



Capistrano Rectangular Coffee Table

A finely crafted, rectangular coffee table that boasts of its simple design made entirely from Teak, a solid wood that is perfect for outdoor use. Its gorgeous natural wood grain brings a distinct charm to this table. 

Southbay Round Coffee Table

Elevate your patio's seating section with this coffee table with its stunning wood grain design. It's crafted from teak, solid wood that is ideal for outdoor use. It features wide slats and durable legs to support a spacious round top that will surely fit all the necessary essentials while enjoying a lovely conversation outdoors with family.




Southbay Rectangular Coffee Table

Wood always brings a sense of warmth and homeliness to any space. This table is a testament to exceptional skill and discipline as displayed by its exceptional form and aesthetic appeal. A functional piece of furniture that is designed to withstand exposure to potential harsh elements outdoors as it is made of high-grade Teak.


Natsepa Rectangular Coffee Table

This is a sturdy and elegant piece of coffee table that boasts of the finely crafted coffee table featuring decorative sides, tapered cut legs, and a sturdy rectangular tabletop. Constructed with premium teak wood in its rustic unfinished look. A great looking centerpiece to your deep seating sofa that can cradle your essentials while entertaining guests.



Luxe 33" Square Coffee Table

A low, sturdy coffee table with a spacious tabletop adorned with impressive wood grain, inherent to Teaks. A solid wood that is highly celebrated due to its aesthetics as well as its durability. A multi-functional table which can also be used as additional seating.



Luxe Rectangular Coffee Table

 A rectangular version of the coffee table above which is best paired with a non-sectional traditional sofa or with a love seat sofa. Bring it outdoors and showcase it to your friends. It is designed and built to last so it can definitely endure any outdoor activities you have in mind.



Red Cedar Twin Ponds Coffee Table

With its rustic look, this coffee table is ideal for that rural retreat, hunting lodge or anywhere else you want a little bit of country vibe. This table offers enough room for your coffee, pastries and some other essentials. It is made of high-quality red cedar that is weatherproof and outdoor-ready.



Recycled Plastic Poly Folding Oval Coffee Table

Enjoy convenience with this folding end table with all of your essentials within reach. Its foldable feature is a great advantage for mobility and storage. Include this versatile table into your outdoor sanctuary.

It is made of premium recycled plastic with invisible stainless steel for joints. It is guaranteed weather-proof, low-maintenance and fade-resistant. The perfect companion for your outdoor activities.






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