Expert Picks For Summer Backyard Decorating

Expert Picks For Summer Backyard Decorating

Winter isn't over, but the cold weather makes us yearn for the warmth of summer and the days we could spend lounging and playing in our backyard. Winter makes us miss sleeping in hammocks and basking in the sun while drinking freshly squeezed lemonade. While it's still too chilly to dream of going out, you could start planning on how to decorate your backyard for your summer parties.

White outdoor curtains

White curtains gently billowing in the summer breeze is such a dreamy setup that takes you back to your holidays in the Maldives or Bali. Putting up curtains on your porch does not only protect from the heat but also provides privacy. Sheers are always a classy touch, but if you want to protect your family from bugs and insects, use a mosquito net instead.

Blue and white stripes umbrella

Have some quirky fun and replace your dull and neutral-colored patio umbrella with a black and white one. Pair it with a lemon yellow outdoor cushion to instantly brighten up your garden seating decor.


What better item to remind you of the beach than with shells and sand? Take different sized glass jars or mason jars and fill it with sand and shells and be reminded of your last beach vacation every time you look at it. You can also get tall clear glass vases and display these in the corners of your yard, deck, or patio.

Comfy cushions in happy colors

Cushions, cushions, cushions, and more cushions will always spell out comfy. You'll still see this in magazine spreads, a sofa or daybed filled with the softest pillows. Deck out your sofa in bright, happy colored cushions. Lemon yellow, lime green, tangerine, and turquoise are all fun colors to try.

A refreshment cart

When you've just finished pulling out weeds, and you want to sit back and relax on your patio, you'll want a cold glass of refreshments, and there's no need to go to the kitchen if you have with you a handy drink cart. A mobile bar cart is also great for backyard parties so that you can quickly push it around and serve refreshments to your guests.

A swinging cocoon chair

Lull yourself to sleep or lounge around while reading a book or hang out as you gently swing around in a cocoon chair. Close your eyes, swing your chair and relish the moment of having your feet off of the air. Don't have a place to hang these chairs? No problem. These come with its stand, or you can get a pergola or swing stand so you can place it anywhere without the need to hang it from the ceiling. 

A red Adirondack chair

This classic Adirondack chair is a staple in an outdoor setup. Make it more fun and fitting for summer by ditching its wood collar and painting it in different summer colors like yellow, red, and green.

Colorful metal lanterns

Forget chrome, stainless steel, and matte black and go colorful this summer with bright lanterns in different sizes that you can either hang or leave standing on the floor.

A hammock with stand

Want to enjoy lying down and swinging on a hammock but don't have posts or trees to hang it on? Get a hammock or, better yet, a bed swing with a stand.

Make a list of the things you want to get and try visiting depots and flea markets while the weather is still cold because you'll likely score more cheap finds while the warm season is still far. Aren't you excited for summer yet?

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