Bench Ideas For Your Backyard

Bench Ideas For Your Backyard

Never underestimate the power of a garden bench when it comes to your outdoor area. A bench is a great space-saving and multi-functional furniture you can incorporate into your styling. It comes in a variety of materials and finishes making it one of the most versatile outdoor pieces you can get. A bench may look casual and simple, but it offers more than just seating. Read on and find different ideas for your bench. 

Does your backyard have a view?

Do you like your view from your backyard that resembles the Waikiki beach or the Swiss Alps? Or maybe you have a view overlooking the skyline of New York City? If you're one of the lucky few who view the world in their backyards, sometimes all you'll need is the perfect bench to complement that spectacle.

Whether in a vast landscape or the companion of blooming flowers, placing a bench right in the middle of your garden makes it seem you're sitting in an old English or tropical garden when in actuality, you're just right at home in your backyard.

What material and style are you going for?

Like any outdoor furniture, benches come in a wide array of materials, finishes, and styles. Match it up with your landscape or your home's architecture. Wrought iron benches are very Victorian in form. Wooden benches are always timeless and can either be in a weathered or natural finish.

Benches with wagon wheels for arms and support evoke a rustic Western feel perfect for your succulents and drought-tolerant plants. Benches are not your typical box-type furniture and can make a great addition to your landscape.

What’s under the bench?

The ground or surface of your backyard plays a massive part in the type of bench you're going to place on it. Stone pavers may make metal benches shaky and unsteady. On the other hand, a moist ground can damage wooden benches.

The perfect surface material would be grassy lawns, smooth stone pathways, or concrete. You can also create a gravel bed for your bench. Don't forget to take measurements, so you know whether to get a small or big bench.

Underneath the trees

Place a wooden bench underneath a lone tree in the middle of your backyard. This could be a place for quiet reading or reflection. It's also a getaway from the scorching heat of the sun. Similarly, you can create a peaceful and simple retreat by placing a bench in the middle of your backyard surrounded by tall trees and dense shrubs.

Bench for Plants

If you have an old, splintered, and cracked bench, don't throw it away yet. Repurpose it and use it as a place to display your lovely succulents or terrarium gardens. The freshness of plants will give new life to an old and damaged bench that would have ended up in the trash.

Built-in benches with storages

If you have limited space in your outdoor area, use built-in benches instead of free-standing ones. You can create one out of concrete or have one built that has storage underneath the seat. If you can't have a built-in bench, plop your bench against the wall, take some basket bins, and put it right underneath instant storage.

Circular or curved bench

If you're getting tired of corners and rectangles, use a circular or curved bench to break the linear set up in your backyard. Put a large planter in the middle of a circular bench or set it up around a bonfire.

Cushioned Bench

Use a fade-proof or water-proof fabric and place cushions on your bench to soften it if you plan to use it for your backyard or garden parties. Sunbrella fabric is a popular outdoor fabric for weather-proof cushions.

Colorful Wooden Bench

Who says wooden benches have to be weathered or in natural finish only? You can add a touch of modern and a burst of color to create contrast against your landscape's greenery. A calming purple or a bit of bright red will make your bench pop out in your backyard.

Got more ideas on how to decorate your backyard with this versatile piece of furniture? Please share it in our comment sections below.

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