Bigger Is Better When It Comes to Patio Furniture

Bigger Is Better When It Comes to Patio Furniture

Many people grew up with the traditional round patio table with a large umbrella stuck in the middle that swayed in the wind. This kind of classic patio furniture may have offered some shade on hot, sunny days, but you’re probably looking for an elegant, upgraded patio dining table now that you’re an adult and have a place of your own. 

Modern families who love to spend time outside or entertaining their friends and neighbors in their backyard choose bigger patio dining tables that can accommodate several guests with plenty of space and elegant design.


Benefits of Big Patio Tables

Bigger patio tables are better for many different reasons, but the main reason is the extra space you will have for sitting outside with friends and family. Have you ever been to a backyard dinner party where you ended up standing awkwardly off to the side, trying to balance your plate on one hand while you eat with the other?

Don’t let this happen to your guests. Choosing a larger patio table that can seat at least six will afford much more seating for guests than a round bistro set.


More Ideas for Extra Seating

If you’re still in need of extra patio seating, or you want to add additional seating to your garden, porch, or backyard, there are plenty of options that allow for people to sit together outdoors. 

Picnic tables are a classic outdoor furniture staple that you can still find in parks and backyards worldwide. Picnic tables seat six to ten people depending on the size you choose and can sit on the lawn or the patio.

There are innovative ways to upgrade your picnic table style, however. Instead of the basic rectangle with a bench on each side, try a square table with four backed benches that allow two people to sit together. Even octagon-shaped picnic tables will enable a lot of space, so people don’t shoulder to shoulder.


Benches are another great way to make space for extra seating. Classic garden benches always look elegant and beautiful when the solid wood is well maintained. 5-sided tree benches are another great option that allows people to sit under the shade of your favorite tree. You can also easily add a ton of extra seating by lining your patio with backless benches.

Adding Outdoor Structures to Your Patio

When you want to make a statement with your patio design and the “bigger is the better” mantra, use elegant outdoor structures such as Arbors with decks that your garden benches can sit. An even more significant upgrade would be to ditch the bench entirely and choose a relaxing, impressive glider or swing instead.

Bigger is better also applies to your backyard and patio swings. Double swings allow you to chat and swing with several people at once. You can add a pergola to your patio or backyard to cover the double swing and create additional entertainment space. Another option is a pergola that is also an arbor swing stand.

Whether your family likes to entertain or want your kids to spend more time outdoors, which can include doing their homework, you should remember the “bigger is better” concept while choosing your new outdoor furniture.

Check out our outdoor living trends for the summer, where you will find more ideas on upgrading outdoor living spaces to prepare hanging out your beautiful backyard this summer.

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