Bestsellers on Spotlight: The Porch Swing and A Frames

Bestsellers on Spotlight: The Porch Swing and A Frames

Be Stylish With Your Swing 

Glam up your classic swing today. Update its vintage rustic look into a contemporary-inspired earthy vibe, where the natural elements of the rustic style are combined with a clean-lined modern design. The result is a fresh, light, and harmonious aesthetic.

Choose a color theme. This can be monochromatic, a classic dual combination, or a spectrum of colors inspired by seasons, movies, or any other personal preference that suits your personality. Now is an excellent time to choose spring shades to brighten up your porch.

Select a period theme that is cohesive with the architectural style of your house. Wooden swing benches are generally perceived as romantic. There is an intrinsic appeal to the heightened senses when sitting on a swing bench with the endeared person. Dedicate this cozy corner to that one person who has your affection, and make it even more romantic by accessorizing.

Porch Swing Stands And A-Frames


The Pergola. A stand that is timeless and elegant that will transform your garden into a stunning sanctuary. Handcrafted locally, made entirely of red cedar, this lovely pergola stand is perfect for any of the swing benches. Add weather-proof curtains into your pergola made from agora fabric, resistant to oil and mildew.


Lawn Swing With "A" Frame. Imagine the rustic beauty of this lawn swing with an A-frame gracing your yard, deck or lawn. Swing away the tensions of your day while enjoying the comfort of rustic porch furniture pieces.

Add More Essentials: Pillows and Cushions

Cozy outdoor pillows for swings are must-haves. You can’t simply have enough. Buy enough for your swing and for the rest of the seats on your porch. Play with colors and textures when choosing your pillow covers. All of them must be as good looking as you.

The seat cushions should be in the same fabric as the pillows for a cohesive theme. Ensure comfort when picking out the pads. Choose weather-proof pillows and cushions for your swing bench that are stain and mildew resistant and repel oil.

Hang Right Away

There is no point in containing the excitement of wanting to swing right away. Find a partner who can help you install the swing. A simplified instruction on how to assemble your swing is included in the delivery.

Ensure that you have the materials needed to install, then identify the perfect spot, set up the swing hangers and hang the swing up.

Tip from The Charming Bench Company: Make sure to periodically check your ceiling for any signs of cracking or warping. If you notice any damage, remove your swing and consult a professional contractor or structural architect. Make sure to replace severely rusted chains.


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