What Material Should You Choose For Your Swing? 

There are several types of material that porch swings can be constructed of, such as Natural Wood, Synthetic/Plastic (Poly), Metal, Wicker, and Fabric. Two of the more popular options are Natural Wood and Synthetic/Plastic.

At The Charming Bench Company, we have an array of these swings endeared to its buyers based on comfort, durability, and beauty.

The Synthetic/Plastic 

Faux lumber is usually referred to as HDPE poly, a synthetic material with low maintenance requirements. It looks like wood, but it's not. It gives you the aesthetic wood appearance without having to worry about its maintenance. 

All you need is soap and water for cleaning. It’s resistant to many outdoor elements like moisture, insects, warping, fading, and splinting that can sometimes occur with wood. It also doesn’t require waterproofing.

This material is eco-friendly sourced from recyclable plastic from consumer products like milk jugs. Poly lumber is designed with smoother edges to prevent accidental nicks and scratches. You need not worry about your kids getting scraped unnecessarily while swinging.


USA Lehigh Porch



Bring warmth into your porch in large doses by adding a swing that can help you any time of the day. Well-loved by its buyers due to its durability, ease of assembly and charm. Take a bold step and pair it up. Multiply the coziness of added seats and hours of outdoor relaxation by two, the result is a tremendous amount of time on these swings.





                                                                     USA Weatherly Porch Swing


Delight on this attractive slatted porch swing. An enduring piece of furniture that is built to last. Your children and eventually your grandchildren are guaranteed to fall in love with. A bench swing that will surely gather the family on your porch on weekends wherein amazing storytelling and laughter will be the highlight.





Classic Plastic Porch Swing


A great way to spend your afternoons bundled up with a book, a drink and pillowed upon this stunning and traditional swing made of the weatherproof and maintenance-free poly lumber. It is absolute bliss to swing the stress away on this beautifully slatted hanging bench, gently curved seat and thick armrests.




Classic Mission Eco Plastic Porch Swing




An endearing porch swing entirely built from maintenance-free faux lumber, HDPE resin that is durable, resistant to termites and harsh elements due to being exposed outdoors all season long. A versatile swing bench that the kids will love to swing on over and over.





Classic Savannah Plastic Swinging Bench



A gorgeous double arch bench with slatted back and spacious armrests boast of poly lumber from HDPE resin, an all-weather and maintenance-free material. It can withstand harsh elements that come with outdoor use. This is a swing bench that you and your kids will enjoy its benefits fully for a long time.




Recycled Plastic Poly Royal English Porch Swing 



Poly lumber handcrafted to perfection by Amish artisans, designed and built for durability and aesthetic beauty. A classic royal English swing with its slatted back topped with elegant, carved details. Add this to your porch and love it even more with this enduring porch swing meant to be enjoyed by the whole family at any time of the day.




Poly Royal English Chair Swing 



Grab a pair of this dainty swing to brighten your porch. Welcome your guests warmly with a charming hanging chair and give them the opportunity to feel the breeze on their faces while gently swinging away. Install it solo or by pair, add a cozy table beside it so that your essentials are within reach. 





                                                     Poly Traditional English Porch Swing




A classic, clean design for a porch swing made of recycled plastic HDPE Poly with invisible stainless steel hardware for joints. Brighten up your entryway with the various color options available. Gather your relaxation tools and sink into this swing. It’s tall, slatted back is angled to provide back support while seated on this swing.




Heritage Adirondack Plastic Garden Swing



A twin curved-top for the Adirondack inspired backrest for this double seater, garden swing. Make your front porch an extension of your lawn and add this classic piece. It will make your porch endearing to the young ones, a coveted spot for their own version of the secret garden.





Recycled Plastic Poly Marlboro Porch Swing 



Fill your porch with laughter and numerous sessions of storytelling on this spacious swing bench enough to accommodate two energetic kids and an adult. Take the opportunity to be with your kids, banter and play with them while swinging. There is no better sound than the exciting chatter of the little ones. This swing is made of premium recycled plastic HDPE poly, maintenance-free and highly resistant to harsh elements brought upon wear and tear.





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