The Best Natural Wood Patio Swings

The Best Natural Wood Patio Swings

Install a porch swing and indulge in life’s pleasures. Swing leisurely back and forth, as you enjoy the lovely view of the garden. The flowers begin to blossom at the onset of spring. Grab a book, hold on to your coffee, and put your feet up as you sink into your swing.

It is a focal piece that you shouldn’t pass on. There is nothing more nostalgic than choosing a piece of furniture that brings you back to your childhood. It is indeed an amazing gift to be given the chance to reconnect with your roots, values, and memories as represented by timeless and enduring furniture.

Swing on. It’ll be one of the conversation pieces of your garden-lounge-area inspired porch that has all the seating you can imagine and spend on, depending on your budget. Add the plants for the much needed green effect in the room. It is an essential component to balance the warmth of the wood and tranquility that the plants provide.

What Material Should You Choose For Your Swing?

There are several types of material that porch swings can be constructed of such as Natural Wood, Synthetic/Plastic (Poly), Metal, Wicker, and Fabric. Two of the more popular options are Natural Wood and Synthetic/Plastic.

At The Charming Bench Company, we present to you an array of these Porch Swings endeared to its buyers based on comfort, durability, and beauty.

The Natural Wood

The classic wooden swing benches exude of romantic appeal in design, color, and popular appeal. Cedar, Pine, Teak, Cypress, and Hickory are the most common types used in porch swing construction.


Yellow Pine Traditional English Style Porch Swing



Hang this lovely wooden swing on your porch and spend some time outside grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some fresh air. Rejuvenate your day with a few minutes of alone time, redirect energy on positivity and enthusiasm for life. It is made entirely of knot-free yellow pine, a strong and versatile softwood.





                                                        Amish Hickory Porch Swing




Swing and share! This has enough room for a group of three, comfortably seated and enjoying the gentle breeze swinging provides. It’ll be a refreshing and soothing day. This is a sturdy and great looking porch swing for a growing family. A great addition to your porch furniture collection, made of real hickory sticks and superior oak for the slatted seat and back.




Grandpa Series Cypress Porch Swing  



This is happiness wrapped in wooden slats then wonderfully designed to produce joy and tranquility every moment spent on this porch swing. A traditional wooden swing made entirely of cypress features horizontal slats with contoured seat and back, designed to provide comfort while seated at any spot on this furniture.





Yellow Pine Fan Back Style Porch Swing




Enhance your porch with this vibrant fan backswing to add color and energy into your façade. Crafted with knot-free yellow pine, built to perfection by  Amish woodworkers. You are certain of exceptional, quality furniture that will adorn your porch for a few more decades.





M-300 Outdoor Porch Swing


Handcrafted from the finest quality of northern white cedar, an outdoor porch swing that is built to last. Take the plunge and buy this charming, rustic piece and add it to your porch. Infuse a country vibe into your outdoor furniture collection. Sit back, relax, put your feet up and commit to spending more time on this swing with your adorable kid. It is sturdy and safe for both of you to swing on.




                                                                              Teak Porch Swing with Cushion



Less is more with this classic bench swing. Celebrate simplicity in its purest form in design and functionality. The gentle slope of its seat and slatted back will take you instantly to tranquility-land while admiring the blooming spring flowers in the garden. Diligently handcrafted and solely made from premium Indonesian teak, rot-free hardwood that ages beautifully outdoors.




Ps50u Classic Cedar Pergola Porch Swing



This swing is a must-have for your porch. It features a classic, clean design that fits perfectly a rustic theme. There is nothing more comforting and reassuring than being warmly cradled by a swing bench in a company of a loved one. Its tall slatted, sturdy backrest allows you to fully sink in, lean back while being gently swayed back and forth. Made entirely of western red cedar wood, naturally resistant to rot and decay as reinforced by its natural preservatives.




                                     Royal English Swing



A timeless piece of furniture is a great addition to your outdoor collection. Install it on your porch and make it the focal point transforming this room into a cozy spot for the family and guests. It’ll make you nostalgic about your childhood memories spent on a swing with your family.





Western Red Cedar Fan Back Porch Swing  



Handmade by skilled Amish artisans from Pennsylvania built to meet precise standards that they are known for – great American craftsmanship. Install this swing for your porch and you are assured that it is sturdy, safe and comfortable. It is made of superior western red cedar, a versatile hardwood that can endure outdoor exposure for long term use.










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