Create A Fabulous Outdoor Space With These Outdoor Essentials

Create A Fabulous Outdoor Space With These Outdoor Essentials

With the snow melting and the weather getting warmer, it’s a good time to start thinking about utilizing the space outside to welcome the sun. Spend time in the garden to get some blooms and greens going. Give it a much needed tender loving care to see the flowers blossom and glow.
Space will impact furniture choices for your outdoor spaces. Divide it according to utilitarian function: dining and seating. If space is limited then choose how you want to spend your time outdoors. Maybe you could run a family session on how you want to approach this important decision.

The kids might want a play area that might take up the majority of the space.   Show off your backyard to your family and gather them for a meal under the stars. Exchange great stories, laugh at silly old jokes and play games.

  • Spring it Inside Out

    When the partition from the interior to the outdoor area is a discrete sliding glass door, then the transition from inside out should just be as seamless. Theme and color combination should blend, not unless there’s an extra special reason for the abrupt transition. If you are planning to do a spring makeover inside then carry out the same theme outside.

    Clean, fresh and a splash of pastel color to accentuate a muted color theme is a good place to start for inspiration. If you want to retain the same set of furniture with the same setup then brighten it up with textiles, pillows, and plants.

    • Spring Outdoor Essentials

    No matter the size of your outdoor space, consider it as a room indoors when setting it up. Visualize it according to how you would fill in your interior floor plan. Imagine a seating area, a light source, and a few accents to make it cohesive in style but at the same time comfortable and inviting.

    If you have space, create a symmetrical seating layout for your outdoor space.  It’s stylish, provides a sense of form, comfort, and a hint of luxury. Because, why not?
    Not enough room for a couple of couches? Try a daybed and a matching pair of ottomans, or garden stools or chairs made from similar materials for a clean, consistent look. Either way, once you have your foundation pieces, finish your patio with a little color and flair textiles.
    • Spring Family Picnic
    Bring out the picnic tables and chairs for Sunday brunch or early family dinner to kick off a lazy weekend. Food preparation doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple, healthy and well-balanced menu is enough. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in one dish of reliable comfort food that’s a family favorite.

    Ensure everyone has a seat and a full plate, a cool drink and a great playlist for music, the rest will fall into place. Enchanted by fresh air, good food, and amazing company. 

    • Spring Blooms and Greens

    Fill your patio with the same pieces of furniture indoors into your outside spaces. You can start by dividing your covered patio into a highly functional area with two distinct zones: one for dining and one for displaying a mix of plants, flowers, and tailored topiaries.

    Get plants of varying sizes, textures and height. Arrange them in layers and by odd numbers. Add more plants. Install an herb garden on one wall to get the aroma going, and of course, to produce amazing dishes. The visual aesthetic it’ll provide is an incentive.  

    • Spring the Lights out

    Convert your backyard into a magical hangout spot using string lights. Hang these lights on a tree right above the best location to set up a dining area. Arrange the lights like a cluster of fireflies hovering over a tree.  Few will be able to resist gathering beneath a canopy of soft lights.

    Furniture-wise, a hardwood known for rot resistance, it has a natural appeal and is conditioned to last. Mix in outdoor throw pillows and blankets for color, texture and cushioning. 

    It is indeed exciting to welcome springtime and even more thrilling to take advantage of its seasonal offerings. To greet the new season with an outdoor space is an absolute luxury and should be viewed with a grateful mindset to select essential pieces. No matter the amount of space, budget and resources every structure only becomes meaningful when it's shared and celebrated by the ones living in it.

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