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Lunar Artisan Fire Bowl

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The Lunar Artisan Fire Bowl from the Skillman Signature Series by Ohio Flame emulates the waning profile of Earth’s closest natural satellite, Luna, the Moon. Designed and crafted by a local artisan, Matt Skillman, this eclipsing vessel of fire is built with exceptional quality and durability.

With no parts to break or wear out over time, this Artisan Fire Bowl is built to last a lifetime. Crafted from thick carbon American steel from a local mill, and designed to withstand the outdoor harmful all-elements year-round. 

The Lunar Fire Bowl features a substantial Rain Drain to allow for water drainage. The Patina Finish features a natural iron oxide patina that will gradually darken over time.

This Fire Bowl is 100% American-made, crafted by a local artisan, and has no maintenance requirements. Backed by Ohio Flame’s Lifetime Warranty, which supports its enduring quality.

  • 100% American Made
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Assembly Required
  • 1.25" Rain Drain allows for water drainage. Can be converted to propane or natural gas burner.

Material: Steel
Use: Outdoor
Finish: Patina Finish
30" - 30"L x 30"W x 18"H
37" - 37"L x 37"W x 22"H
41" - 41"L x 41"W x 24"H
30" - 80 lbs
37" - 125 lbs
41" - 175 lbs

Assembly: No assembly required
Returns: Due to large size, this item is final sale and non-returnable, with the exception of items with defects.
Ohio Flame offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their steel fire bowls and pits for the customers of Charming Bench Company as we are an official authorized dealer. They can offer this lifetime warranty because they use heavy-gauge steel made right here in the USA. They guarantee that the steel on your fire bowl will not rust through in your lifetime.

They use a natural steel finish that will develop a natural iron oxide patina over time. The patina process is a natural reaction that occurs when water (i.e., rain, humidity) and oxygen come in contact with the iron, which will naturally darken slightly over time. The patina process usually starts orangish in color but will become browner in appearance as the steel is continually exposed to water and heat. The patina process only occurs at the surface level, so your Ohio Flame fire bowl and fire pits will not rust through, warp, or rot out over time. We focus on selling high-quality products at The Charming Bench, and we know you will be absolutely satisfied with these durable fire pits from Ohio Flame, backed by a lifetime warranty.

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