Outdoor Cedar Bench

If you need to seat as many people as possible at your party, the Bench is what you need. It can go anywhere and seat anybody! Available in 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'

Material: Cedar
Use: Indoors/Outdoors
2ft: 24"L, 11"W, 19"H
3ft: 36"L, 11"W, 19"H
4ft: 48"L, 11"W, 19"H
5ft: 60"L, 11"W, 19"H
6ft: 72"L, 11"W, 19"H
7ft: 84"L, 11"W, 19"H
8ft: 96"L, 11"W, 19"H
2ft: 17 lbs.
3ft: 19 lbs.
4ft: 22 lbs.
5ft: 25 lbs.
6ft: 27 lbs.
7ft: 30 lbs.
8ft: 32 lbs.

Unfinished: Natural bare wood
Finished: Dipped piece by piece in a sealer that provides a uniform warm, honey color consistency. Seals out moisture, protects against mildew, and blocks the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.
SKU #: M-2102, M-2103, M-2104, M-2105, M-2106, M-2107, M-2108

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