Rocker Chair

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A delightful Rocker Chair by Hershy Way to offer respite during a long and tiring day. Its rustic charm offers warmth and relaxation while being rocked back and forth. This rocking chair is simple and classic with a contoured back and curved seat to ensure an amazing rocking experience.

Crafted from cypress they are sturdy with perfectly spaced slats on the back and the seat to ensure a great experience. All fasteners are stainless steel which ensures no rust and longevity. Handcrafted by Amish artisans from Ohio.


  • Can be easily painted or stained
  • Stainless steel fasteners for rust-free products
  • Cypress wood construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping!

Weight Capacity: 250.00 lb.

Product Details:
Material: Eco-friendly Cypress Wood / Treated Pine
Use: Indoors/Outdoors
Dimensions: Chair - 44-1/4"H x 23"W x 9-1/4"D, 44-1/4"H x 23-1/4"W x 9-1/4"D
Weight: 35 lbs A, 53 lbs D, 26 lbs A, 53 Ibs D
SKU #: C6100, T6000
Finish: Natural
Porch Suitable: No
Recommended Age Group: Adult

Warranty: This product is proudly Made in America and we stand behind the quality of our wood products. Which is why this product is backed by a four year manufacturer warranty. You can learn more by downloading this PDF for details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love the Chair!

Love the Chair! Directions were a slight challenge. Think as it ages it will only become more enjoyable!

Good rocker for the price

Good rocker for the price. Upon opening the box, I found a screw had split the wood, but I was able to repair it. I would call this a good porch rocker, not a fine piece of furniture.

Wonderfully great rocking chairs

We just received two of these wonderfully great rocking chairs. We've been searching for months and months, perhaps over a year... all of the big box stores have mass produced pieces of junk from overseas... straight rigid backs, flat hard seats no contour and wobbly. That's all opposite of this chair from Hersey Way, produced in Millersburg, Ohio by The Hershberger Family. When we purchased, we didn't know anything about the Hershbergers. Now we know they produce a quality, stable product that is superbly contoured, and relatively easy to assemble. The really easy instructions couldn't be simpler, it's a small maybe 4x6 piece of paper with bolt sizes and arrows indicating where to install them. They didn't indicate which order to install them, but we found it easiest to assemble from top down. We learned the hard way... had to dis-assemble parts 3 different times on the first chair. But if you go from top, starting with arm backs (the long screws), then going on to the seat, then lastly the feet, it goes perfectly. Most of the chair is already assembled, there are only 10 points to insert bolts. One box was damaged and ripped at one end but nothing appeared damaged or missing. This is much higher quality than junk sold in big box stores, and produced overseas, this is so great that it's Made in USA....but cost was a primary basis for the purchase. For the lower cost than expected, we did find a few loose screws on pre-assembled product, and a few boards with cracks. Nothing big, and everything is functional - this is to be expected for the very low cost... you get what you pay for, there is no free lunch. (This same company appears to manufacture more costly, more refined, more EXPENSIVE models of chairs.) We're just excited they're good quality and made here, keeping someones friends and family employed. In any case, we love these and will tell all our friends about them... we'll be purchasing more.