Tuileries Arbor

Create an elegant garden entrance with a handcrafted wrought-iron arbor by Achla Designs. We make a wide variety of sizes & decorative styles to fit every garden. The Tuileries Arbor was inspired by the famous garden in Paris. The sides and upper arch of the arbor feature a traditional European scroll design. The top of the arbor features a finial, front and back, with three upward-pointed leaves. This beautiful design works great in any vegetable or flower garden. The Tuileries Arbor is 9'4" tall,  4' wide, with a depth of 15", providing plenty of room for passage beneath. It can be placed over a walkway or over a bench seat and the sides of the arbor can be used as climbing plant supports.  Wonderful for garden parties, weddings and events, when placing the arbor on the patio, deck, or on another hard surface, optional display feet can be used (sold separately).  All of our garden arbors are designed to ship flat, with easy set-up using slip-in components, so no tools are necessary.

Achla Designs’ beautiful metal arbors make the perfect addition to any outdoor garden, patio, or pathway. Place them over garden benches or paths to create an elegant entrance to your vegetable garden or flower garden. They can even be used as wedding arbors. The tall, decorative sides can be used as a trellis to support a vine or climbing plant.

At 113" tall, our large Tuileries Arbors stands tall enough to support climbing vines while providing ample room for passage beneath. These sturdy garden arches are ideal for placement over walkways. Feet are available (sold separately) for use on patios and other hard surfaces.

Inspired by the famous Paris Jardin of the same name, the Tuileries Arbor evokes the French garden with its traditional European scroll and leaves design. Our arbors are designed to ship flat and are easily erected using slip-in components. No tools are necessary! Achla Designs makes a wide variety of arched and rectangular arbors with both modern and classic decorative styles.

These metal arbors have a Graphite powder coated finish for maximum protection against outdoor conditions. Powder coating results in a high-quality finish that is more durable and resistant to scratching than traditional paint finishes. This sleek Graphite finish has the look of natural wrought iron to enhance any area of the lawn, garden, or patio.

All of our garden arbors are handcrafted from heavy-duty wrought iron. Wrought iron has a higher tensile strength than cast iron, and these arbors are built to last. Since our products are hand forged, exact dimensions may vary slightly. We take pride in the quality of our products. All items have a 90-day Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Material: Wrought Iron
Use: Outdoor
Finish: Graphite Powdercoat Finish
Dimensions: 113"H x 48"W x 16"D
Weight: 33 lbs
SKU #: ARB-01
Assembly: Some assembly required
Returns: Due to large size, this item is final sale and non-returnable, with the exception of items with defects.
Lead Time: Ships in 2-4 business days
Warranty Term: 90 day from manufacturer's defect

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