Why Buy A Fire Pit Table?

Why Buy A Fire Pit Table?

Adding a little warmth into your backyard with an easy-to-use fire pit table will give your family a reason to spend some time outdoors. Not only will the table offer warmth when the evenings are cool, but it can be centerpieces during social events.

A table fire pit is a piece of outdoor furniture that can add style and luxury to the backyard or patio. It is a perfect spot to eat meals, share stories, play board or card games and even have a sing-along!

Advantages of Outdoor Fire Pit Tables 

Entertainment Value

You can have conversations around the fire table, use it to grill & serve your food, roast marshmallows, and play other board games. Not only will it make your backyard look stylish, but it also provides convenience.

Impressive to the guests

Some people get sun tents and umbrellas or even patio chairs. However, having a fire pit table is a cut above. It's a stand out from other patio pieces to give the backyard a unique style. Everyone will be thrilled to come to the family gathering and check it out.


Never fails to keep you warm

The spring and winter certainly require warmth. However, even in the summer season, temperatures can drop significantly depending on your location. Having an outdoor fire pit table provides a convenient place for your friends and family to still enjoy the outdoors.

Open fire cooking is a huge hit

Most tables can do more than carrying drinks and roast marshmallows. Some tables enable you to cook everything on it. You can give your family a camping experience, including cooking hot dogs and making smores, without leaving home.

What to Consider

Common Fuel Sources

  • Propane. This is the most common fire table fuel. Propane offers a clean, burning flame. It makes the gas convenient for use in fire tables. The gas' stored in propane tanks, which are easy to attach to the table. 
  • Natural Gas. Choosing to connect to a natural gas line is convenient because there is no need to replenish the fuel supply. However, a gas fire pit table is not portable and has to be installed by a professional.
  • Wood. Using wood as a fuel source is the cheapest way to create light and warmth outdoors. However, there is a consideration of environmental pollution as a result of the smoke. Check with your local authorities if there's a law that prohibits wood burning.
  • Charcoal. It creates an even and controlled heat that is flame-less but produces small flames at times. It is a convenient, fast, and easy method of fueling fire tables.
  • Bio-ethanol. This fuel choice is eco-friendly and emits no embers, smoke, or ash. It is a cheaper clean-burning fuel, which is not only efficient but safe.


    Choose the Perfect Size

    The size you choose will be determined by the space you have for installation and the purpose. Consider the space configuration for furniture arrangements.

    For the best outcome, the arrangements should be made to the scale, architecture, and size of the environment. The 20-25-inch tables are ideal for compact spaces, while 40-45-inch fire pit tables make for a commendable centerpiece when a large seating arrangement is required.

    Material Construction

    You can choose from stainless steel, aluminum, wicker, bronze, faux stone, fiberglass, and cast aluminum. All of them have been tested for appropriateness and safety when used in the outdoor arena. Your personal preferences and needs will guide you in making a choice.

    Fire pit tables are a fantastic way to enjoy flames' warmth and ambiance without the odor and hard-work of wood burning. They also create a stunning focal point to an outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.

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