The Best Porch Swing for Your Yard

The Best Porch Swing for Your Yard

 The view of your yard is best seen from a porch swing. Well, that’s our opinion anyway.

A porch swing for your yard should be cozy, inviting, functional, and that’s exactly what we’ve included on our list of best porch swings for your yard.

The Best Porch Swing for Your Yard

1. Cedar Porch Swing by All Things Cedar

The first porch swing on our list is this cedar porch swing by All Things Cedar. It comes in 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot options, so if you have a narrower porch, there’s an option for you.

It’s made of rot-resistant and untreated western red cedar, making it strong, durable, and charming. Western red cedar has a natural palette of warm tones that show off the natural grain in the swing.

The 4-foot option measures 57” wide by 23” deep and 24” high with a high weight capacity of 500 pounds and comes with a 50” chain.

The 5-foot option measures 68.5” wide by 23” deep and 24” high with a high weight capacity of 600 pounds and comes with a 60” chain.

The 6-foot option measures 80.5” wide by 23” deep and 24” high with a high weight capacity of 600 pounds and comes with a 70” chain.


  • Affordable
  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Compatible with A-frame stand
  • 30-day manufacturer’s warranty


  • Assembly required

2. Pressure-Treated Pine Highback Porch Swing


Some porch swings have a short back that can hit your spine in an awkward spot, making the swing uncomfortable to sit in. That’s why we included this high back option on our list made by A & L Furniture.

This patio swing has a back height of 30”, which is 6 more inches than most standard porch swings. This is the equivalent of adding one or two more wooden slats to the top of the swing’s back for the additional height.

The swing is made of pressure-treated pine, and you can choose between unfinished or 8 different finishing stains. The patio swing comes in 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot options.

The dimensions and weight capacities for each size is as follows:

  • 4-foot: 53" wide x 27" deep x 30" high; 400 pound weight capacity
  • 5-foot: 64" wide x 27" deep x 30" high; 500 pound weight capacity
  • 6-foot: 77" wide x 27" deep x 30" high; 500 pound weight capacity


  • High back for added comfort
  • Unfinished and 8 stain options available
  • 3 different lengths to choose from
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hardware included could be better

3. Royal English Swing


If you want a porch swing that gives your porch a more upscale feel, then the Royal English Swing by A & L Furniture is what you need.

What stands out on this porch swing is the detailed back of the swing. Instead of straight wooden slats, the back piece of this swing has accents with slopes and curves that give this swing a more luxurious and upscale feel. The swing is made of western red cedar and is available unfinished or in 8 different finishing stains.

There are three different sizes you can choose from for this wooden swing that come in the following dimensions and weight capacities:

  • 4-foot: 52" wide x 27" deep x 27" high; 400-pound weight capacity
  • 5-foot: 62" wide x 27" deep x 27" high; 500-pound weight capacity
  • 6-foot: 75" wide x 27" deep x 27" high; 500-pound weight capacity


  • Detailed back
  • Unfinished and 8 stain options available
  • 3 different sizes to choose from
  • Swing hangers included


  • Assembly required

4. Glacier Country Log Porch Swing


If you have a cabin or a charming, rustic home, your porch needs this log porch swing made by Montana Woodworks. It comes in just one size, but it’s the missing piece you need for your log home.

This outdoor furniture is made of US Grown Genuine Lodgepole Pine that accentuates the natural tones of the wood throughout the swing. It is finished with a premium-grade exterior finish that will keep the swing protected for years to come. Each swing is signed by the artisan who made the swing, so you’re truly getting a one-of-a-kind piece.

The dimensions of this wooden porch swing are 52” wide by 24” deep by 24” high. The seat's height is user-adjustable, so you can make it as high or as low as you need using the hanging chains included with the swing. Montana Woodworks includes a 20-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality product.


  • Unique
  • Large and sturdy
  • 500-pound high weight capacity
  • 20-year warranty


  • Stainless steel hangers cost additional

5. Mission Sofa Rope Swing


Did we save the best one for last? Yes.

Did we save the most expensive one for last? Also yes.

This sofa rope swing by Hershy Way is the most comfortable and luxurious porch swing on our list. It seats three people, measures 83” wide and 36” deep, and is eco-friendly Cypress wood. The cushions are made of all-weather Sunbrella material, so they can withstand the elements of being outdoors year-round.

Included with the wooden porch swing are the hanging chains with the rope swing pulleys and stainless steel hardware. You can choose from white, black, brown, and weather wood finishes for the frame of the swing. For the soft cushions, you can choose from canvas natural, cast ash, spectrum cilantro, and heather beige. The combinations of cushion and frame colors for this outdoor porch swing are nearly endless.


  • Large
  • Comfortable seating
  • Luxurious
  • Many finishes and cushion colors to choose from


  • Pricey

Use an A-Frame for a Yard or Garden

Swing A-Frame


If you don’t have a porch or are just looking to add a swing to your garden or yard, then you’ll need a frame for your swing.

This A-frame by All Things Cedar comes in a 6-foot and an 8-foot option.

  • The 6-foot option will accommodate swings up to 60 inches wide
  • The 8-foot option will accommodate swings up to 80 inches wide

The frame of this outdoor swing is made of western red cedar and requires assembly upon arrival. The mounting hardware is included with the frame, making assembly relatively quick and easy.

How to Choose the Best Porch Swing for Your Yard

No porch is complete without a porch swing, but how do you know which porch swing is the best?

You’ll need to consider the width of your porch, the material of the porch swing, and the weight capacity the swing will hold.

Porch Width

Before you add any swing to your porch or patio, you need to take some measurements. How big of a porch swing you’ll be able to have will be determined by the width of your porch. Your porch swing shouldn’t be so wide that the sides of the swing hit the house or the rail of the porch.

There should be a little room on each side of the swing for you to walk around the swing, even if you need to push the swing to one side or the other.

The narrowest patio swing will be 4 feet in width. These swings have the least amount of weight capacity, so make sure you only allow the exact number of guests to sit in the swing that’s permitted.

Tip: If you have a wrap-around porch, you can place the outdoor swing at the corner of the porch to give you more room and potentially choose a larger swing. You can also choose to place the swing in your yard using a frame. This allows you to choose a larger swing if you prefer.

Porch Swing Material

Most porch swings will be made of solid wood, but the type of wood used and how the wood is treated can make a difference in how durable and sturdy the swing is.

Solid wood that has been treated with weather-resistant or rot-resistant protection is always your best choice. Cedar and pine are the most common hardwoods used for porch swings, but you can also find them in cypress and teak. Pairing one of these types of hardwoods with weather-resistant protection will guarantee that your porch stays in good working condition for years.

Weight Capacity

Make sure you carefully examine the weight capacity that is listed on the hanging porch swing. A large swing doesn’t necessarily mean it can hold more weight, so don’t choose big thinking you’re choosing strong.

One of the best ways to ensure that guests stay safe on your porch swing is reinforcing the swing with steel swing hangers. If you are hanging the swing on your porch, you must anchor the swing hangers to the floor joists or studs. This will ensure that the porch swing will be sufficiently anchored in place when weight is added.

Final Thoughts

Adding a porch swing to your porch or outdoor space is a great way to enjoy your home from a different perspective. You can watch your children play or enjoy a quiet sunset all from your porch swing bench. Take a look at some of the other porch swings we offer so that you can turn this dream into a reality.

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