The Best Patio Umbrellas For Tables

The Best Patio Umbrellas For Tables

A great way to get acquainted with these outdoor umbrellas is to ensure your research is accurate and comprehensive. Find time to identify its parts and their corresponding functions to understand better what you're buying and how you want it to address multiple concerns when acquiring the perfect umbrella for your outdoor area. And the same thing with buying a piece of furniture, meeting the item in person is a significant factor in coming up with a decision.

Canopy. It is the fabric part of the patio umbrella that blocks the sun. Often, there are two additional parts associated with the umbrella roof: vents and valances. The former refers to canopy layers that allow air to pass easily through the fabric, which helps cool the air below and enables the umbrella to handle high winds better. In comparison, the latter has flaps of material that overhang the perimeter of the canopy.

Umbrella Pole. The canopy's main support is a vertical rod or pole, available in various widths. Single pieces and thicker poles are more resilient to windy conditions. Cantilever style umbrellas utilize an offset angular structure to support the canopy. They are multi-jointed and often provide 360¬į rotational capabilities.

Base or Stand. Freestanding patio umbrellas are secured within a weighted base or stand to keep them upright and secured even during windy conditions. It uses a variety of heavy materials to provide stability. A mounting apparatus can support patio umbrellas instead of using a base. 


Choosing the Perfect Patio Umbrella for your Tables 

The fundamental reason you choose to avoid the outdoor space is that it lacks shelter from heat and rain. Once ample shade is provided, decide to install a permanent structure, or employ a more flexible and economical solution like getting an outdoor umbrella.

One exciting advantage is you can set roofing solutions by cluster, specific to the area's perimeter it can shelter. If you have limited space on the veranda, buying an umbrella for your bistro set is a great solution.

Umbrella Size. The initial step is to learn the patio umbrella's size to best fit and maximize its canopy for optimal shade. Check the table size. You would want an umbrella that will provide enough coverage for the people sitting around it. The general rule is that your patio umbrella should extend over the table by 2 feet on all sides or perhaps 5 feet larger in diameter than the area meant to shade.

Browse the helpful size guide below:

  • 5'-6' Umbrella Canopy
    • Pair with a 30" table or smaller; good for 2-4 seats
    • Ideal for Bistro Sets
  • 7' Umbrella Canopy
    • Pair with a 36" table or smaller; good for 2-4 seats
  • 7.5 to 8.5 Umbrella Canopy
    • Pair with a 36"- 40" table; good for 4-6 seats
    • Ideal for dining sets up to 6 guests and conversation sets
  • 9'-10' Umbrella Canopy
    • Pair with a 40"- 48" table; good for 8 seats
    • Ideal for dining sets up to 8 guests
  • 11' to 13' Umbrella Canopy
    • Pair with 48" table; good for 10 seats
    • Ideal for large dining sets, poolside shading of multiple bistro sets

                        Umbrella Shape. The natural way to decide on which umbrella shape to choose is by complementing the furniture your umbrella will be shading. If it is covering a square table, choose a canopy with the same shape. Same with round tables, buy round or hexagonal umbrellas for full coverage.

                        And for large oval or rectangle tables, we offer oversized umbrellas to cover this type of seating arrangement.

                        Table Hole Size. If you are using the umbrella with a table, make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate the umbrella’s pole diameter. We have a great selection of umbrellas, pole diameters from 1.5 inches to as big as 2.25 inches.  

                        What Kind of Stand or Base is Suitable

                        Choosing the right base or stand is critical to ensure that your umbrella is stable and upright under calm conditions and survive a gentle breeze or a windy day. Center pole and cantilever umbrellas can use either mobile or fixed bases, but the latter is more appropriate for larger the umbrella and a windier setting.

                        Mobile bases are heavy stands that can be moved from one spot to another with minimal difficulty. Most mobile bases are round, square or rectangular and are either iron, concrete, or stone. A fixed base is useful when a deck umbrella is enormous, the environment is windy, or it’s a commercial installation. It can be mounted on the floor, wall, or ground.

                        The mobile base's required weight depends on three circumstances: canopy size, environmental conditions, and with or without a table. The rule is a free-standing center pole umbrella is 10 pounds per canopy foot to account for average wind conditions. If the pole is running through an umbrella table, you can reduce the calculation to 5 pounds per foot. A good quality cantilever patio umbrellas either includes or identifies the appropriate mobile base or provides fixed-mount options to prevent confusion. 


                        Choose the Umbrella Style 

                        Two dominant characters emerge in this category wherein they vie which is more famous and better preferred by the homeowners, the center pole umbrella and the offset umbrella more popularly known as cantilever patio umbrella. 

                        Center Pole Umbrella. There are 3 variants under this type of patio umbrella. The most popular is the Market Umbrella distinctly identifiable by its round ot octagonal shape with a clean edge. Beach Umbrellas are also widely popular not only in the beach scene but also among residences. Its canopy usually has a round shape with hanging valances around the edge with a simple base buried under the sand. Half Umbrellas are constructed with one flat side which is placed right against the wall and useful in confined outdoor spaces like small porches.

                        Market Patio Umbrellas. Commonly seen at outdoor markets and cafes, market umbrellas are the most popular type of patio umbrella. A market umbrella has a straight pole that is positioned in the center of the umbrella and sits in a base on the ground.

                        You can place the umbrella pole in the center of a patio table or use the umbrella alone. This umbrella's canopy is typically an octagon shape but may also be square or rectangular.

                         Below are 3 Center Pole Umbrella reccommendations from resident experts of The Charming Bench Company. We are thrilled and incredibly proud to present an exceptional selection so you can fully reap its benefits the soonest possible time. 

                        1. 9 ft Market Umbrella  

                        We love this 9ft Market Umbrella by Luxcraft! It's incredibly durable and a beautiful addition to your outdoor dining set. The canopy brings exceptional design inspired by cozy outdoor living. It's the perfect companion during hot summer days by the pool or by the lake when everyone wants to dine alfresco.

                        Its umbrella head tilts with the push of a button for the shade that moves with the sun. A 45" extension is an option you can explore for its frame in 3 color variants: black, white, and champagne.

                        Crafted using aluminum Treasure Garden for its frame and Sunbrella fabric in 17 gorgeous variants for its canopy. Providing shade is what Sunbrella fabrics do best in unmistakable style ‚Äď supplying protection from harmful elements outdoors, comfort in the summer's heat, and shelter from a sudden downpour.

                        Why do we love this?
                        A lovely patio umbrella large enough to provide ample shade to a round-shaped outdoor table that can seat about 4-6 diners.
                        It's aluminum pole can fit tables with umbrella hole provisions,
                        which can be mounted on a metal base. 
                        Explore its 45" extension and pair with a counter and
                        bar height double pedestal tables that will be great
                        for brunch or afternoon barbecue parties.

                          2. 10' Patio Umbrella & Canopy  

                          We bring you our next pick on a center pole umbrella that looks great on a patio round table. It is the spectacular 10-ft Patio Umbrella from All Thing Cedar.

                          Its canopy boasts of an impressive Roman flap design using a sturdy 220g polyester canvas and comes with a 2-piece aluminum powder-coated pole. The wind vent at the canopy crown will enable winds to pass through, which strengthens pole stability.

                          An 8 spoke cage with a reinforced hub allows for easy raising and lowering with the built-in hand crank. Block out the early and late day sun with an easy tilt feature with a push of a button to block out the early and late day sun.

                          Why do we love this? 
                          Entertain your guests outdoors on this lovely table
                          & install this fantastic umbrellla with canopy. 
                          Its scooped valance on the canopy is an attention grabber

                          providing more shade and aesthetic appeal.

                          Easy-Open Hand Crank System &
                          Push Button Tilt to ensure guests are sheltered round the clock. 
                          Compatible with our UB14 Resin coated Heavy Iron Base Umbrella Stand 


                          3. 10' Teak Market Umbrella & Canopy 

                          Stylish, reliable, and above all, a high-performing umbrella that's naturally appealing to our valued customers is one of our top sellers. Our 10-ft Teak Market Umbrella and Canopy from All Things Cedar are handcrafted from Indonesian Teak, with a java-colored finish, and fitted with solid brass hardware.

                          Natural oils and rubbers in Teak reinforce weather and insect resistance compared to other types of wood. It is naturally durable and has only minor shrinkage. It doesn't rust with steel, and more importantly, it ages gracefully, turning into a charming silvery-gray tone.

                          Its 2-piece pole reduces its length by half, making it easy for off-season storage. Umbrella canvases have a roof vent allowing wind gusts to pass through, which vastly increases pole stability. 

                          Why do we love this? 
                          Teak's inherent beauty is naturally endearing.
                          The exceptional combination of Indonesian Teak with a Java Finish &
                          Solid Brass Fittings is an excellent investment for your outdoor sanctuary. 
                          Shade is an essential element of the outdoor room.
                          This Teak Patio Umbrella and
                          Canopy plus it's 2-Piece 2" Teak Pole and
                          Umbrella Cage with Brass Fitting,
                          and 10' Canvas Canopy with Wind Vent make this quite remarkable.


                          Offset Patio Umbrellas

                          Suppose you want to explore getting shaded while dining without the center pole of an umbrella, obstructing a portion of the view or a part of your guest's profile. Buy offset outdoor umbrellas, also known as Cantilevers, instead. They are highlighted with an arched or jointed pole positioned off to one side.

                          The canopy hangs freely with strong side support, which can cover various seating and table arrangements. Most canopies are designed to pivot from side-to-side and even rotate 360¬į. They are typically 9 to 13 ft. wide and customize further according to the area size, available space, and buyer's preference.

                          The principal advantage of modern cantilever umbrellas is that they can shelter a large area without the center pole. Vital if you are shading a dining table with no umbrella hole. Offset patio umbrellas require heavier bases than center poles and are pricier.

                          Here are our top picks for Cantilever Umbrellas chosen based on their functionality, ease of use and beauty. 

                          1. Aurora Cantilever Umbrella

                          You can maximize your space without the traditional center post. The Aurora Cantiliver Umbrella is manufactured using industry best materials and fabric available to provide years of enjoyment. Its awesome infinity tilt allows you to change positions effortlessly, providing hours of maximum shade regardless of the position of the sun.

                          This modern cantilever is suitable for low to moderate wind conditions and ensures hours of protection from the sun and light rain. The crank lift is built for commercial use yet designed for smooth and effortless operation in any environment.

                          Why do we love this? 
                          Comes in 2 wonderful size and shape options: 9' square and 11' octagon.
                          A square patio table will beneft greatly with the square shaped 
                          patio umbrella which will be useful during small and intimate gatherings.
                          The 11' octagon can shade a round table set with 6-8 capacity to optimize coverage. 
                          Multiple mounting options are available, either permanent or semi-permanent,
                          for installation on any surface. 
                          The mast and all critical joints are extruded aluminum, 
                          ensuring unmatched strength and durability.
                          Engineered to withstand 25 MPH winds. 
                          Included wind stabilizer kit increases by 5 MPH. 


                          2. Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella

                          The elegant and modern Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella is the ultimate choice for outdoor living and entertaining in residential and commercial environments. It combines style with strength, size, and durability making it a crowd favorite.

                          With its Infinity Tilt and 360¬į rotation, the Eclipse provides complete shade flexibility. It allows countless tilt angles, providing hours of maximum shade regardless of the sun's position. The crank lift is commercial-grade yet designed for smooth and effortless operation in any environment including your home.

                            Why do we love this?
                            The mast and all critical joints are extruded aluminum,
                            ensuring unmatched strength and durability.
                            Engineered to withstand 35 MPH winds.
                            Included wind stabilizer kit increases this by 5 MPH.
                            Maintenance-free stainless steel hardware.
                            Either permanent or semi-permanent mounting options are available
                            for installation on any surface.


                            Accessorize to Suit your Lifestyle

                            Lights. If your outdoor entertaining continues into the evening, you might think about adding some patio umbrella lights. LED lights generate far less heat than previous bulbs attached to the ribs or hubs of modern umbrellas. Or, you can buy them separately and mount them on the underside or perimeter of the canopy. 

                            Protective Cover. A weather-proof cover is a must for any outdoor umbrella. Umbrella takes a beating during the summer months, so it deserves protection during the offseason. 

                            Heaters. High-end residential deck umbrellas have heaters integrated into their design to optimize space and comfort. These pivoting infrared devices typically attach to support struts and emit directional heat to provide warmth right below the canopy. The heaters’ electrical lines are concealed within the pole or mast and often share their power supply with a lighting system.

                            Speakers. A few luxury umbrellas even have bluetooth speakers connecting to your mobile device and sync with your playlist. 

                            Create the perfect outdoor experience for you and your family with the help of a patio umbrella that ticks the boxes in terms of personal preference, functionality, and visual appeal. It is absolutely convenient to choose one that completely covers your table and the diners to ensure full-proof protection whenever you're outdoors, rain or shine. There are several choices available in the market, but you can further fine-tune according to the intention, budget, and quality.

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                            Ultimate Cantilever Umbrellas Buying Guide

                            Suppose you want to explore getting shaded while dining without the center pole of an umbrella, obstructing a portion of the view or a part of your guest's profile. Buy offset outdoor umbrellas, also known as Cantilevers, instead. They are highlighted with an arched or jointed pole positioned off to one side.