Refreshing Your Outdoor Space With New Design Ideas

Refreshing Your Outdoor Space With New Design Ideas

As we currently battle it out with winter, it's also that time of the year when we can start thinking of fresh new ideas for our outdoor spaces. It's never too early to plot for freshly decorated backyard parties you are planning to have when summer rolls over.

Some people think that there are limited options when it comes to decorating your outdoor space. It may not be the case at all as there are now wide range innovations in technology that allow a variety of materials and finishes to use in an open-air setting.

Bring your home's interiors design out in the open for a whole new different style that reflects your personality. Whatever your style is, there are many different ways to dress up your yard, garden, or patio and make it summer-ready.

The Collector's Style

Get the Look: The styles associated with a collector's home are eclectic, boho, vintage, shabby chic, and with a cottage influence. These are the styles that make use of distressed and worn-down furniture with no structured pattern. It borders along the opposite spectrum of minimalism.

If you have vintage collections of watering cans or gardening tools, you can create and arranged a fashionable wall décor to showcase these items. Distressed wicker or wood outdoor bench furniture in a light washed finish or furniture made from discarded wooden pallets can be your starting point.

Get your antique collectibles out like vintage birdcages, feeders, and baths throw in the mix. To integrate your design with your greens, create a floral garden using old items. Old shutter windows can be used for a makeshift crawling vine. Wooden pails and retro pots can replace your modern planters. Strategic placement of old-world items can bring life to your garden.

Style Tip: To avoid creating a messy look, select only a few items for balanced outdoor space design.

The Minimalist's Style

Minimalists advocates are the ones who care very little for the material things in life. They live a simple life and apply the "less is more" approach. They keep a handful of functional items rather than collecting meaningless things.

You'll love it if: your closet has three muted tones: black, gray, and white, you're attracted to barren rooms and spaces, and if you're the type who finds joy in throwing out clutter every once in a while.

Get the look: First, set boundaries in your outdoor space. Restrictions can help you avoid collecting clutter. Choose outdoor furniture pieces that are neutral in color and use only one accent color if you must. Limit your materials and finishes to create a structured and harmonious look and make use of clean and simple lines that won't create visual distractions.

An example would be the use of the same wood tones throughout your design. Apply the same outlook throughout your garden and choose low-maintenance plants that look simple and neat. Choose a few plant species so that your garden still looks uniform and well-manicured.

If you must select different plant species, do so by applying a monochromatic theme. It means that you choose plants of the same color in various shades and tones.

Style Tip: Always remember that a Minimalist's mantra is clutter-free. If you already have a bare lifestyle, to begin with, then you're good to go. If you're just starting to embrace this lifestyle, keep looking for ways to pare down your clutter. It's an excellent way to keep your outdoor space looking neat and tidy and a lifesaver from unnecessary expenses with items you don't need.

The Beach Lover's Style

Perhaps you want a more laid-back style that reminds you of the gentle ocean waves and the lush tropical greens of your last beach vacation. These are the people who seek comfort in their very own backyards with desires to recreate the feel and look of a relaxing spa.

You'll love it if: you can't forget your last holiday trip or if you're a lover of a spa retreat. You're the type of person who got their hands full during the weekdays, and you seek to find calmness and relaxation during the weekend.

Get the Look: Look to tropical designs for inspiration. These designs will likely make use of teak, wicker, or rattan furniture. For your outdoor sanctuary, look for synthetic wicker furniture mainly made for open-air spaces meant for lounging or sleeping.

Add a pop of colors through the use of cushions, throws, and other outdoor accessories. Floral and botanical patterns can add flair to your decor. Add style and protection by using long and billowing mosquito nets. Choose natural textures over synthetic ones for a unified look.

Style Tip: Lush foliage is essential in a tropical design. Fill your landscape with overlapping plants and greens to add density and body.

The Romantic's Style

This type of style evokes a certain charm and sensual appeal that dates back to the Victorian Era. Think of English gardens or imagine the gardens in Pride and Prejudice. It's personal, private, and intimate.

You'll love it if: you love intimate dinners with a few close friends or a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner. Or if you favor weathered finishes over smooth and streamlined textures.

Get the look: Create seductive mystery in your landscape by adding winding pathways that let you discover your garden with each turn. Weathered textures like bricks or stones and distressed vintage furniture are all the rage in the Romantic style.

Incorporate an arched entry to a lounge area and fill it with twigs, vines, and fairy lights that will look magical at night. Fill your porch or patio with vintage lanterns paired with lots of candles to infuse a romantic vibe on to your space. Opt for soft pastels rather than loud colors to define the Romantic style of your haven along with frills and laces decoration.

Style Tip: The pastel color palette of a Romantic style extends through the plants. Roses and lavenders are popular plant choices, and so are digitalis and salvia. Stimulate the five senses by planting fragrant herbs and flowers.

While there are still several styles you can use outdoors, these styles should give you an idea of how you can decorate your outdoor area in different ways that suit your needs and reflects your personality.

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