How to Choose the Right Wood Burning Fire Pit

How to Choose the Right Wood Burning Fire Pit

Do you dream of spending endless fall evenings in your outdoor space in front of a roaring wood-burning fire pit? It is a campfire ring taken to the next level. Those who appreciate the old-fashioned wood burner have their memories to reminisce from childhood. They long to create new ones with their kids and loved ones.

There are several types of wood-burning fire pits. The main question is whether it should be a permanent or portable fixture. However, you don't need to be an expert builder to build one. All you need is some creativity, some DIY research, and loads of determination to embark on a project.



When building your fire pit, it is essential to use fire-resistant materials such as thick steel rings, firebricks, and mortar. Standard building bricks, for example, can crack or even explode and need to be periodically replaced. Save time and money and get the best materials. Also, try to avoid adhesives as they can create unhealthy fumes.

When building a fire pit, check with the local authorities on any regulations and requirements to follow. Choose the perfect spot carefully. Provide enough clearance from the house or any other object.

Remove all materials to easily catch fire, like leaves, dry grass, or an overhanging tree. And to prevent accidental fire, place the fire pit on top of a fire-resistant surface.

A good idea is to raise the fire pit above ground, so it's visible to prevent fall-ins. Wind protection, which doubles as a human protector, is also advised. You can buy a fire pit with a shield or build your low barrier to surround the pit. It is also a good idea to add a safety screen to restrain flames or sparks.


    Wood Burning Fire Pits “Off the Peg”

    There are many wood-burning fire pits for sale, including tables to freestanding bowls. Design is a personal preference, so widen the selection while you're still shopping, narrow it down according to the additional features you're looking for in a fire pit.

    You may like the sleek and modern interpretation or perhaps prefer a rustic-inspired bowl. These fire pits are the easiest to buy and set up. A family may pick a wood-burning bowl over the other variants for practical reasons. It is situated away from the house for open fire cooking.

    They can also be moved around the patio area or packed for camping. Others may prefer a fire pit situated in the outdoor space's entertaining area for maximum ambiance.


    Some off the peg fire pits and bowls come with pokers and spark screens for protection to prevent burns. They also act as a windshield. Most pits are made from sturdy cast iron and come in a range of finishes such as steel, tile, or rust. 

    Whatever you choose – whether it is an off the peg put or decide to carry out a little DIY, be sure to follow the preliminary steps and wear a cap that says "expert" to boost confidence to finish the project.

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