Guide to Finding Picnic Tables and Benches for Your Local Park

Guide to Finding Picnic Tables and Benches for Your Local Park

Picnic tables and benches are the most prominent and noticeable elements of a park setting. If you own a local park or are moving towards building one, then these essentials are on the top of the list of things to buy. 

When it comes to installing new park benches or replacing old ones in your park, you might think, "Do I even need new park benches?" Well, consider the following;

  1. Good-quality benches that are clean and durable provide the impression of an attractive and well-maintained park.
  2. They increase the visual appeal of any landscaping.
  3. Worn and inferior benches pose a safety threat to people sitting on them or children playing on them.
  4. Ugly or poorly maintained tables and benches create the impression that the space isn't inviting or well-maintained.
  5. A picnic table installed in commercial spaces gives guests and employees a place to have meals and enjoy recreational activities outdoors.
  6. In the end, park users and visitors are in close contact with the furniture on your site and benches; therefore, they must be top-quality.

The aesthetics determine the ideal picnic table for your business, along with seating requirements and the local weather conditions. You'll require a durable and long-lasting table to assist businesses in attracting new customers and creating a comfortable environment.

When you design an outdoor space for commercial use, think about the size of your table and shape and its style and design to match the overall style.

Guide to Choosing a Park Picnic Table

Selecting a picnic table requires careful consideration of the space and the desires of your guests. Follow these steps to choose the perfect picnic table to suit your needs or a client's.

park picnic table

Select the Right Material

The first step in buying commercial outdoor tables is to select a sturdy but good-looking material. The majority of picnic tables are made from steel, wood, aluminum, or recycled plastic. Consider the following aspects when selecting the material you will use for your picnic table:

  • The picnic table's material must endure weather conditions like snow, humidity, rain, and sun.
  • Some table materials require more effort to clean than others. Many commercial owners expect maintenance personnel to spend only a short time cleaning table surfaces.
  • Keep in mind the appearance of your table when you purchase it and how it's going to change over time. Wood tables can develop an aged look when exposed to sunlight. If you're looking for a consistent appearance over time, you may want to select a different material.
  • If guests will be eating meals at these tables, consider how the table will withstand the residue of drinks and food.
  • Your picnic table's weight determines how well it can withstand strong winds. Be aware that a more extensive table could be more challenging to put up; however, it also has chances of lasting longer than a lightweight table.
  • Each material comes at a unique price point. Consider the amount of your budget you're willing to spend on purchasing a new table.

Spacing of Table

Picnic tables occupy large amounts of space in a commercial property. Find out the dimensions of the area where you'll set the table before purchasing it so that you can be sure that you'll have enough space to accommodate it. In addition to the table's dimensions and shape, place an additional few feet to the tables for users to walk around easily.

Type of Picnic Table

A picnic table can be found in various materials to meet your climate and design requirements. The most well-known materials for a picnic table are as follows:

  • A wood picnic table is timeless in its appearance and available in various distinct designs and strength characteristics. A wooden picnic table is a perfect match for the commercial area's greenery and trees. If a commercial space is only used for the picnic table at certain seasons, the business owner can store it to ensure it will last longer. It is possible to stain or paint a wood picnic table to alter its color or blend in with the park's aesthetics more effectively.
  • Recycled plastic picnic tables have outstanding durability and endurance. They can withstand weather damage, mold, mildew, and insects. This material is also eco-friendly; the planks used in making these tables are made up of milk jugs and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products. The surface of recycled plastic tables is easy to clean using moderate soap and hot water.
  • Aluminum tables are light and business owners can easily transport them when needed. It won't break or rot, nor will it warp when it comes in contact with sunlight or moisture. Aluminum picnic tables can be easy to keep clean and last for a long time.
  • Steel is another choice for picnic tables. It can resist wear and tear from extreme conditions of the weather and last many years. If you apply a layer of coating on the table, it is protected against UV rays. They have tabletops and seats with holes designed to permit water to pass through them rather than pool over the top. The perforation also lets air flow through the holes, ensuring that the table doesn't become too hot.

Design Features

The size, shape, seating capacity, and color are also considered when selecting picnic tables.  Keeping these factors in mind helps choose furniture that will complement the scenery of your park.


Commercial picnic tables are available in a single pedestal base, individual leg bases, or frames with support bases. Consider whether you wish to place your picnic table set on solid ground or be able to move.

  • Inground: If the client intends to keep the tables at the exact location, put them in the ground to help keep them in their place.
  • Surface mount: The surface mount picnic table is also safe since it is attached to the concrete slab.
  • Portable: Portable tables can be easily transported and stored during the off-season.
  • Surface mount or portable: you can use surface-mount clamps to fix portable tables to the ground and protect against weather destruction.

Guide to Choosing a Park Bench

These are the two most essential steps in choosing a park bench:

Types of Benches

  • Metal benches are durable, easy to clean, and quick-drying. The smooth edges of these benches ensure that guests are safe from scratches. In addition, they are coated with a thermoplastic material that shields spray paint from vandals and resist the fading caused by intense UV rays from continual exposure to the sun.
  • Recycled Plastic benches are eco-friendly and perfect for coastal areas. Furthermore, these benches are renowned for their durability, strength, resistance to warping and rotting. In addition, they are low maintenance and have a modern, sleek design that resembles traditional wooden benches.
  • Wood benches are comfortable to sit on and offer a traditional appearance that complements the surrounding. However, wooden benches need the highest level of maintenance. If you're determined to make your park as organic as possible, the benches could be worth the additional expense and time.
  • Concrete benches are robust and also almost impossible to steal (unless the burglars in your town have the forklift!). Although it's not as comfortable as other materials, concrete typically offers a minimalist, simple seating area that doesn't interfere with the surroundings or block beautiful views.


The majority of benches are easy to set up with three main options for installation: surface, in-ground, and portable. In-ground requires the most effort since the bench frame must be submerged into concrete. The portable bench does not have installation, which means that the bench can be moved around the property.

Here is a selection of park benches and picnic tables from our catalog.

1. Poly Octagon Picnic Table

The Octagon Picnic Table is our top pick as it is created from stainless steel hardware and poly that ensures durability and is entirely maintenance-free. It has a unique design that seats up to 8 people with enough space to move around freely and it has a color collection that matches the natural green scenery in a park.


  • Durable picnic table with attached benches
  • Comes with an umbrella hole, umbrella stabilizer, a hole plug
  • Made in the USA
  • 8 people seating capacity
  • Made from 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available in 14 colors
  • 5-year warranty


  • Not suitable for small places

2. Kids Table

Adding a picnic table for kids is an excellent idea to make the environment of your park more welcoming. This poly kids table is made from recycled plastic HDPE Poly and undetectable stainless steel hardware, making it secure for the children. It also comes in a range of vibrant colors that kids will love.


  • Made from recycled plastic HDPE and stainless steel hardware
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available in 14 colors
  • 20-year warranty


  • Non-returnable, except defective pieces

3. Herman Convertible Table

1/2 Herman Convertible Table from All Wood Country Furniture is another great addition to your park. The most striking quality of this product is that it can be used as a bench and converted into a table with a backless bench seat.


  • Made from Western Red Cedar
  • It can be used as a backbench or converted table with a backless seat


  • Limited 30-day manufacturer warranty against defects
  • Requires assembly

4. Recycled Plastic Bench

The 4ft recycled plastic bench from Wildridge Classic Poly Furniture is designed to add beauty and vibrant appeal to your park. Since this bench is made from HDPE resin, it is fade-resistant, crack-resistant, and termite-resistant in any climate. It’s a perfect fit for your park that adds exquisiteness while being weather resistant.


  • Made from durable and high-quality HDPE Resin in the USA
  • It's eco-friendly
  • easy to clean and maintenance-free
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in 13 colors


  • Some Assembly required

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