Creating The Ultimate Backyard Getaway

Creating The Ultimate Backyard Getaway

Hardworking folks all want the same thing after a long and tiring day at work: a calm and relaxing environment, perhaps a massage to soothe the tired muscles. Most of us yearn for a vacation every year, but not everyone has the luxury to go on holiday.

The next best thing is to have a tranquil and serene getaway right at the heart of your home, your backyard to be exact. Do more than just adding a water feature, make your garden refuge and an escape from the busy city life with these tips.

Do a Backyard Check

First things first, survey your backyard. Maybe a simple cleanup and repair of items and structures can provide the haven you've always wanted. Check which items you want to keep, perhaps a handed down, family heirloom bench that you want to pass down to your child?

Throw away furniture that is beyond repair or upcycle it into something else. Refresh old and frail structures, knockdown, and give it new life by painting, sanding, and repairing. Then clear out the clutter in your landscape. 

Once clean, it becomes easier to see how you can transform your backyard into something beautiful. If necessary, and you have the budget, get a certified landscape designer's services to do the heavy lifting for you.

Take Things Down and Low

The addition of cushions to any space never fails to make even the toughest looking space, comfortable. Floor cushions, poufs, and rugs make for a casual and informal setup that allows you to loosen up in your backyard. Add a low floor table to complete the look. If you have tall neighboring houses and buildings that overlook your outdoor space and need privacy, a weatherproof curtain makes a reliable and stylish addition to complement your space.

Make Sure Your Furniture are Comfy

Don't just add chairs, add chaise lounges, bench rockers, and even hammocks. Swing chairs and daybeds with retractable canopies will create a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. Pick your outdoor furniture that makes it irresistible for you and your family to sit back and lounge around in your yard.

Got a View? Use it!

If you have lovely scenery such as one that offers the view of city lights at night or overlooks the ocean, uses it to your advantage. Don't block it with trees or outdoor furniture. Plan your layout so that you can sit in your backyard and watch the sunrise and sunset. Keep your landscape and furnishings simple and let your view be the center of attraction.

Shade your Backyard

While it's nice to sunbathe once in a while, it's not nice to get sunburned. Utilize your backyard even when it's raining or scorching hot. While an umbrella can provide some temporary shade, a better way to shade your patio is to get sail shades, retractable awnings, or canopy.

You can also get trees that have large leaf canopies to provide natural shade. Otherwise, you can have an oasis in the middle of your backyard by building a pergola or gazebo.

The Right Type of Plants

Plan your landscape where you'll feel like you're back to the time you went to Hawaii. However, don't just put in plants you saw from your vacation. Look out for native plants and flowers that are better suited for your terrain and climate. Create variation by making a lush garden and not just planting similar plants uniformly. 

Also, if you're not allergic to strong scents, add a natural fragrance to your garden by planting fragrant flowers and fruits. Not only will your backyard look colorful, but you'll likely attract different species of birds and butterflies to create a sense of tranquility and calm.

This is when the services of a landscape designer come in handy, and if you cannot afford to hire one, you can ask around your local nursery store for suggestions.

Set the mood with lights

Use different types of lighting that illuminate various features of your backyard. Install wall washers in different colors, string lights that add romance, Moroccan metal lanterns that evoke soft shadows when lighted, as well as pathways lights and step lights that all contribute to creating a relaxing backyard getaway. 

Add Warmth

A fire pit is becoming an integral part of most outdoor setups. If you don't have one built in your backyard, you can always get a portable one. Imagine cuddling with your partner on a cold night while you watch the flames or gaze at the stars. Get some blankets out or make some good old-fashioned smores to snack on while you sit there and enjoy your partner's presence.

You can also add a heated flooring or a hot tub to soothe your aching muscles. Don't let the cold weather hamper your lounging time in your backyard and dampen your spirits.

Create Privacy

After a long day at work, you may want to relax in a calm and quiet environment shielded from your neighbors. Check with your municipality on guidelines of fencing in your property. Add tall hedges and trees to cover your backyard and provide you privacy. If your local city does not allow for tall structures, you can use movable screens instead.

Make it Inviting

Don't just settle with a concrete floor and a BBQ grill. You want to put in an effort by using different types of hardscape or adding visual interests to make your staycation in the comfort of your backyard.

Visualize a space where you'll want to cozy up on weekends, do yoga, read a book, or hang out after a stressful day at work. When you can imagine that, make it happen. Add personal touches of your own

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