Color Coordinating Your Bench With Your Porch

Highwood USA Swing Bench

A common question we find our customers asking when buying a bench for their porch is which color finish will best suit the location. This can often be a bit of an art but there are some helpful tools out there to assist you in making this choice. In this post, we will describe a couple.

Pictaculous is a free online tool that allows you to upload any pic, and the tool will first of all identify the primary colors in the pic, and it will then also provide a set of complimentary color schemes that should match that pic. Using this tool is a handy way to help decide on what color bench would best suit your porch. Simply upload a photo of your porch, and Pictaculous will suggest some bench colors which might suit the location best.

Another tool, which is similar in functionality, is SnapYourColors. This free to use website also lets you upload a photo of your porch in offers a number of color palettes based on what it finds in your photo. This tool provides less functionality but is still useful at providing you with some colors to work with.

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