Color Coordinating Your Bench With Your Porch

Color Coordinating Your Bench With Your Porch

A common question we get from our customers when buying a bench for their porch is which color or finish will best suit their location. It is more of artwork with some helpful tools online to assist you in selecting a color or color scheme. In this article, we will discuss two applications to get you started finding the perfect shade of an outdoor bench for you.

Colormind is a free online tool that allows you to upload an image and generates a color palette recommendation. A color palette generator powered by deep learning. Create color schemes intelligently from your starting colors, and extract pleasing colors from photographs.

Instead of finding the most representative colors, it aims to find a great blend of colors that work together in a color palette. Colors from images are extracted based on a well-studied field called color quantization. 

The main issue with this is that these techniques are optimized for preserving the perceptual qualities of the original image, whereas we're more concerned with the final color palette. They present only one set of colors as the most representative, but building a color palette is subjective. There may be many different ways to look at a single image.

Using this tool is a handy way to help you decide what color would best suit your porch. Just upload a picture of your porch, and Colormind will suggest some colors you can use to determine in picking out your bench that will suit your location best.

Another tool that is similar in functionality is SnapYourColors. This website also lets you upload a photo of your porch, and it offers several color palettes based on what it finds in your gallery, be it complimentary, same tones, same palette, etc. As this tool has somewhat with less functionality than Pictaculous, it proves to be equally useful in offering you some colors to work with.

If you are looking for a more robust suggestion in picking out a bench that will go well with the decor of your porch, you can also check out Pinterest for its millions of user-curated images. Just type in the color you think you best represent your space and the appropriate keywords to search its database to get your much-needed inspiration.

Finding the right color for your bench can sometimes be frustrating, and it does not have to be. A good rule of thumb is to pick out neutral colors, like white, black, grey, and all shades of brown as these colors will blend perfectly to any outdoor color scheme, even on your interior! For any assistance in finding the right bench for you, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to assist you in finding you the one that suits your taste.

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