Best Swinging Daybeds for Outdoors: View Exceptional Lounging Options

Best Swinging Daybeds for Outdoors: View Exceptional Lounging Options

An outdoor daybed needs no introduction. Take it to another level, and hang it on your patio and make it look like a bed that floats. It is breathtaking, dreamy, and luxurious. It is the centerpiece and can attract drama at any time of the day, at any section of your outdoor spaces. And when it chooses to be, curtains can be added for privacy. It'll turn out to be the subtle, understated, and elegant piece of furniture in the background. 

It is an essential piece of furniture for that extraordinary patio, a multifunctional room that serves as an extension of your indoor area wherein you can dine and entertain guests at the same time lounge, relax and rest. A swing bed can ultimately be the ideal spot for relaxation, and a venue for you and your loved ones to catch-up, do a movie marathon. Or perhaps, host a pajama party and have fun the whole night.

There are several styles, sizes, and shapes available for swing beds. This list below presents two of our wood materials that are popular among our loyal customers. Fill your patio with these exquisite Swinging Daybeds


Versaloft Mission Hanging Daybed with Rope

A certified bestseller and top-rated with a 5-star rating from its new owners, this is an exquisite floating bed for your outdoor sanctuary. Choose the perfect spot to hang this daybed with a rope or a chain, and transform it into a cozy nook as your retreat, a quiet and peaceful corner to regain composure.

It is made from knot-free, southern yellow pine handcrafted by Amish woodworkers, recognized for their excellent artistry and quality products. 

What are they saying?
From Phillip:
"Great swing! Easy to assemble and hang.
Nice quality wood and craftsmanship. Very sturdy.
Looking forward to many Sunday afternoon naps on the porch!" 
Why do we love this?
  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA
  • Solid Knotfree Yellow Pine
  • Can Be Used with Our 2-Piece Drawers or Trundle Unit
  • Material: Southern yellow pine
  • Use: Outdoor
  • Sizes: Twin and Full
  • Assembly: Some assembly required 

       Marlboro Red Cedar Swing Bed

      This is the swing bed you've always wanted to have! Recreate the interior of your bedroom and bring its comfort and luxurious lounging outdoors. Throw in layers and layers of pillows with your throw blanket for added coziness and beauty.

      Impeccably crafted from the highest quality of solid Western Red Cedar wood for its sturdy frame. It features an elaborate backrest silhouette inherent that of a Marlboro design.

      The spacious seat that also functions as a bed can accommodate more. Its natural wood grain with burls and knots elevates its inherent and natural beauty. A versatile terrace swinging daybed, its flexibility in design will allow you to paint it according to your preference.   

      What are they saying?
      From Holly Miller:
      "Great quality and great customer service!
      First off the customer service is outstanding with this company.
      Secondly, the quality is definitely there. 
      Shipping was as expected with timing but a bonus is this company
      will put it in your garage or up to the house with no extra charge.
      Best Buy, great customer service and
      the Pergola still looks amazing after the 12 months we had it."
      Why do we love this?
      • Add optional springs and hanging kit
      • Handcrafted in the USA
      • Western Red Cedar
      • Add the weather-proofed cushion and have it shipped with the bed
      • Can be hung with a chain or rope
      • Material: Western Red Cedar
      • Use: Indoors/Outdoors
      • Assembly: Minor assembly required

          Yellow Pine Marlboro Swing Bed

          This is an awesome daybed, which is another gorgeous creation of Amish artisans from Pennsylvania. It is skillfully handcrafted and the ultimate labor of love as disclosed by the sheer beauty and elegance of this bed.

          Just thinking about all the comfort options this daybed has to offer, a surge of excitement swells from looking forward to days wherein relaxation in its purest form may be explored. Whether swinging or on the floor, no one can deny that this daybed is stunning. 


          What are they saying?
          From Luther Stole:
          "Excellent product at a reasonable price.
          The bed is exactly as I expected.
          I have seen the same bed advertised at hundreds of dollars
          more from various resellers." 
          Why do we love this?
          • Extremely versatile seating and bed both inside and out
          • Handcrafted in the USA by Amish artisans
          • A Daybed that will last for decades!
          • Solid Knotfree Yellow Pine
          • Choose the right size for you: 4t, 5ft, 6ft, and 75"
          • Add the weather-proofed cushion and have it shipped with the Bed

            Traditional English Red Cedar Swing Bed

            This daybed is a timeless piece that celebrates comfort and masterful woodworking by Amish artisans. The pieces are individually cut, sanded, treated, and joined at different angles to create a work of art. It pays homage to the century-old tradition of furniture making. Perfect for indoor or outdoor setup. Celebrate life and its simple joys on this daybed for a few hours and resume with your tasks refreshed.


            What are they saying?
            From C. Morgan
            "The bed swing arrived quickly and was easy to put together.
            We are very pleased with our purchase!" 


            Why do we love this?
            • Highly versatile seating and bed, perfect for indoor and outdoor use
            • Made in the USA, handcrafted by Amish artisans
            • A Daybed that will last for decades!
            • Material: Western Red Cedar, its antifungal properties that make it resistant to rot and decay.
            • Available in 3 sizes: 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft
            • 9 Vibrant Stain Choices

            Royal English Yellow Pine Swing Bed

            A fabulous wooden bed swing you can add to your patio, a great accent to your outdoor sanctuary. This is a bigger, roomier, and sturdier version of the Amish Royal English swing bed. It's built by hand and meticulously designed and crafted to follow exceptional standards to produce a quality piece of furniture.

            This is entirely made from durable, knot-free Yellow Pine. Project your stylish and playful personality into your sundeck or lawn. Dripping with character and sophistication, it will make a fabulous resting place for quality bonding time with your kids.



            Why do we love this?
            • Material: Solid Knotfree Yellow Pine
            • Use: Indoors/Outdoors
            • Choose the right size for your family: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 75inch
            • Comes with (2) heavy-duty chains
            • Some assembly is required
            • Perfect for outdoor use
            • Would also make an excellent rustic element you can add to your home interior
            • Get the complete look by supplementing A & L Furniture Royal English Yellow Pine Swing Bed with our collection of wooden swing stands, weather-proof cushions, and outdoor pillows. 

            Every Swing Bed Deserves to Shine! Style and Accessorize

            Protect your investment with a shade that is as gorgeous as your swing bed. A wooden Pergola in breathtaking design and artistry is the best route. Choose a material that will perfectly complement your swing, and you're on your way to creating your very own blissful sanctuary.

            For added privacy on those days, you want to enjoy the serenity of your backyard fully, add pergola curtains made from high-quality Sundown Agora fabric. These weather-proof curtains are stain and mildew resistant and repel oil well.


            Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. There must be more than enough to provide the utmost satisfaction and comfort while hanging out on a swing bed. Think variety when it comes to size, color, and texture. Create an aesthetically appealing array of soft, luxurious, and outdoor-ready pillows for everyone to delight in while lounging. 

            Swing Bed Cushions Cushion up to maximize comfort on these lovely swing beds. Ensure that you choose mattresses and pillows that are the best fit for outdoor use. It must be weather-proof, stain and mildew resistant, and repel oil. Select a fabric that's designed for constant sun exposure. 

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