The Charming Bench Company is thrilled to offer great outdoor Tables and Chairs collection. Determine your styling theme, placement, and the kind of tables and chairs you need for your outdoor spaces. Our selection carries both pieces of different sizes, shapes, and styles. Whatever you're looking for, we have a vast collection set to address your needs.

Table Styles & Designs. Match your style with a reliable outdoor Table that will allow you to enjoy the pleasant weather outside. They come in all shapes and sizes, which is great to fill areas with the appropriate piece depending on its utilization. For people who love to entertain, there are some seriously large tables available that can comfortably fit everyone gathered for the sumptuous feast on the grill. Combine with chairs or benches, folding tables and chairs for additional seating, and some outdoor dining essentials to create the perfect barbecue setup. For those who prefer a cozy retreat theme for their outdoor area, our coffee tables are perfect for daybeds and deep seating.

We have an array of exceptional Tables made of natural wood like Teak, Cedar, or Pine. These types of wood can withstand outdoor exposure with minimal maintenance. Wood adds warmth and cozy vibes to a rather porch or patio decorated in muted tones. We also have some exquisite, eco-friendly plastic tables that look incredible in the garden, porch, or entryway. View our entire catalog. It proudly includes minibar tablesoctagon tablesside and end tables, coffee tables, picnic tablespotting tables, and more. 

Chairs Styles and Designs. Outdoor seating for a large crowd can be awkward if you are not prepared. Ensure that you have enough seats for everyone to be comfortably seated. Folding tables and chairs can be handy in these situations. We have every imaginable chair for your outdoor activities, manufactured by leading brands in the furniture industry in America.

From the traditional Adirondack chair for your lounging and camping adventures, the versatile diningbarstools, and ottomans for your outdoor parties are big and small. We also have glidersrockerschaise, and lounge chairs for those long weekends of a staycation. Couple chairs, otherwise known as tete-a-tete chairs to complete the resort look at the pool area. Of course, don't forget to add a swing chair under your favorite tree. The little ones will have such a great time swinging.