A porch swing invites you to sit, pause, and appreciate life's incredible gifts. If your home is on a hill, or at the beach with spectacular views, keep your porch design minimal except for a swing as your centerpiece. Highlight its beauty and maximize the pure joy it brings. If your house is on higher ground, a swing will let you enjoy a cool breeze that is perfect for afternoon naps. Choose one with enough space for refreshments, such as cup holders, for added convenience when unwinding.

Make it comfortable as your bed. If your outdoor area does not have a roof, get a swing bench that has a stand. It'll be a breathtaking structure with vines intertwined along the latticework sheltering you from the sun on a hot day. If you can get a full-sized swing, that's great, but a synthetic wicker bench is comfortable, too. Install under a gorgeous wooden pergola or a gazebo for a swing bed.  Recreate the bedroom ambiance and add curtains for some privacy. Fill it up with outdoor pillows and cushions for you to laze on. Don't forget to use outdoor fabrics to make your swinging experience fuss-free.

Add a conversation piece on your porch. Sure an all-wood porch swing is timeless and classy. Teak, cedar, pine, and oak all look lovely, but if you want a fresh pop of color to break the neutral palette, a bright blue, red, or yellow swing bench can break a neutral palette and create a conversation piece in your porch. If wood isn't just working for your place and climate, you might want to opt for a plastic swing. Easy to clean and resistant to termites, moist and mildew, plus the style and comfort you look for in a bench swing. If you want an English garden-inspired theme, an iron bench with intricate carvings will briefly transport you to the setting of Pride and Prejudice. If you have a lush garden or a landscape surrounded by tall trees, blend in with the background by choosing natural finishes for your porch swing bench. Use a neutral palette and allow your surroundings to work for you while you sit back and gently swing away from your worries.

Double the swing, double the fun! If you have a smaller space, instead of getting a swing bench, get a swing chair instead. Buy two to create a balance and share the fun. Similarly, you can hang two of these and put a small round table in-between for coffee or other refreshments while conversing with a friend or your partner. However, if you have a large outdoor area, hang a couple of bench swings to accommodate everyone. It will also serve as additional seating when you're hosting parties and family gatherings.