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Swing Beds

It’s easy to get caught up in day to day life, burying your nose in work, or never ending multi-tasking with your phone or laptop. With so much happening in such a short amount of time, it’s become the norm for most people to have a busy and overworked life that when they do stop to take a break, they find it uncomfortable. So their lives continue by filling up those little breaks with other tasks.

However, this is an unhealthy life without balance and without balance, there would be no mental clarity but most importantly, time for family is also compromised. Learn to take a little breather from life by going outside on your porch and indulging on your relaxing needs by using a swing bed. Napping for an hour or two will give you back the rest and balance you need in life.

A porch with a view

If your house is blessed with a beautiful view, it’s even more fun to slowly drift away or read a good book while you’re lying down in your swing bed. Add in a small side table for a place for your books or gadgets and swing away your worries and stress.

Cushion crazy

There is no rule that says that swing beds can’t be filled with cushions. Just as you fill your indoor sofas with plush and large cushions, go crazy and load up on pillows to make your swing bed more inviting. For formal gatherings, properly arrange cushions and add in bolster pillows on either side to recreate the feel of an indoor sofa. For family haven, use oversized plush pillows and quilts. Don’t forget to use outdoor fabrics that won’t fade or stain your cushions.

Customize it for pets and children

Don’t just use it for yourself. This would be a good time to create little moments with your children and furry family members. Vinyl or leather coverings will let children and Fido enjoy the swing bed with you.

Add a roof

Never worry again whether it rains or shines and get a roof or pergola for your swing bed. Let vines grow and intertwine on your pergola and instantly you’ll feel like you’re on a romantic Tuscan vacation.

Add a touch of color

Choose a brightly colored swing bed to pop out against your natural colored patio or porch. Mix in some cushions in colorful pillow covers for summer fun.

Make your swing bed mosquito-free

You want to make your swing bed very comfortable and not to mention, pest-free so aside from adding fans to your porch or using insect repellents, adding curtains will not only protect you from bug bites but it will also enhance your porch or patio and offer you more privacy when you need some down time from the world.

Get a good book, save a calming playlist on your Spotify tunes, make a pitcher of ice cold lemonade and get ready to drift off in your swing bed and wake up refreshed, relaxed and ready to work again.