Learn to take a breather and indulge comfortably in your Swing Bed. Grab a book, save a calming playlist on your Spotify, make a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade, and get ready to drift off in your swing bed, wake up refreshed, and eager to work again. Add a small side table for your essentials, then swing away and let go of the mounting tension on your shoulders. A Swing Bed is also an excellent spot to create delightful moments with your adorable kids and furry family members. Vinyl or leather coverings will let them enjoy the swing bed with you. At The Charming Bench Company, we proudly offer an impressive Swing Bed selection, meticulously handcrafted by local artisans whose craftsmanship meet exceptional standards. 

Style and Design. A Swing Bed comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They are mostly made of wood and resemble a huge swinging bench or chair. It comprises of a thick cushion portion, which sits upon a slatted assembly, usually. You'll find swing beds with a frame, slatted, or has boards that fan out, similar to an Adirondack chair. Wood and metal are the primary materials used to build swing beds. For porches and other indoor areas, the smaller swing beds with twin sized mattresses that resemble large chairs are ideal. People can sit or lounge on them comfortably with the help of some cushions and pillows.

Indoor/Outdoor Swing Beds. There are two ways you can explore when installing a Swing Bed. One is with chains or ropes fixed to a solid ceiling, and the other is where the swing bed is attached to a sturdy structure. These features allow you to install a swing bed, either indoor or outdoor. You can hang it one of the themed bedrooms for your kids, whether styled as a space shuttle or a flying carpet from Aladdin's.

Take full advantage of your balcony space and convert it into a serene spot to relax and entertain guests. Invest a little further and attach your Swing Bed to a gorgeous pergola or gazebo enveloped in vines with beautiful flowers on a deck at the backyard. It'll be your cozy outdoor sanctuary and as enchanting as the secret garden you've been longing to have. It is indeed easy to see that a Swing Bed is a perfect addition to your furniture collection.