A Porch Swing is a classic home accessory that gives your family the comforts of home while enjoying your yard in the great outdoors.  In “the old days,” porch swings were simple, made out of wood, immaculate white paint, and hung by a stainless steel chain from the beams above.

Today, Porch Swings are made out of wood, metal, and other materials. Some are freestanding that ride on a triangular piece called an A-frame stand. Many sizes are available as well. Most think of a porch swing as a hanging, two-seated bench, but they have evolved into larger and smaller models with many shapes. The sizes range from baby to single seats to larger benches for two adults and even more massive with some add-ons like cup holders in the middle of the bench.


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Why a Porch Swing? While it may seem like there aren't many uses for a porch swing, there may be more than you think. It's a chair that swings, but are you buying one to relax on, or are do you want one that'll fit you and your significant other comfortably while you're having drinks? Or, do you want to buy one mainly for its aesthetic purposes to match your home and yard décor? Even if you buy a porch swing for decorative purposes porch swing for decorative purposes, guests and family can still swing when they come over.

What’s Your Style? The traditional porch swing is a slatted bench that hangs from the porch ceiling. Those types are popular and work very well. They fit two adults or three smaller children at a time. Many styles have cup holders and a place in between to put food and drinks. Some are contoured to fit your body better. Others are fastened to an A-frame that sits on the porch deck and gives you the freedom to move it around the yard with ease.

When you're looking at the style of a porch swing, you want to get into its details. What kind of wood is it made from? The color is always important. What type of swing hardware does it come with? Where do the anchor points fit onto the bench? Getting a curvier style will help with the overall comfort of the porch swing. You can always get some cushions for both the bottom and the back of the porch swing for ultimate comfort. Don't forget to look at the baby swings for the kids. Babies and toddlers love swinging, and you and your child can enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the comforts of your porch together with a baby porch swing.