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Picnic Tables

Take a stroll down a park on a lazy summer afternoon weekend and you’re likely to see a lot of families and friends gathered around picnic tables, relaxing, eating and de-stressing their work woes away. Perhaps you and your family have decided to come to the park to enjoy just like the other families but could not find an empty spot to do so.

There is surely a surge in the people going to parks to enjoy a nice little family chat or bonding over food but what if you could do that right at home? De-stress and start planning on putting a picnic table in your backyard which will encourage you and your family to go outside the house, away from technology. Having a few picnic tables around your lawn also means never having to drag out indoor furniture during those friendly BBQ summer parties.

Wooden Picnic Tables

If you want the setup in your lawn to be reminiscent of the times spent in the park, then wooden picnic tables are a good choice. Wood usually goes with anything so this is will match your existing outdoor furniture. Yellow pine, western red cedar and teak are just some of the choice of materials you can choose from if you are bent on getting a wooden picnic table. Keep in mind that wooden picnic tables will require maintenance like sanding, sealing and oiling if you want to maintain the wood’s natural finish. Putting on a table cloth during parties can help minimize stains and spills on the surface of the wood.

Shape and Style

A good picnic table should accommodate all types of people. Whether your guests are tall or short, your picnic table should be able to accommodate each and every size. This is key to keeping your guests happy and comfortable during gatherings.

Rectangular Picnic Tables – These are the best when it comes to entertaining large groups of people where guests can eat or chat, or play games without elbowing each other.

Square Picnic Tables – These are more intimate and usually seats four people at its smallest. It can be used for romantic outdoor dinners for two or when you have a few family members.

Round Picnic Tables – Like the square table, round tables are more geared towards smaller groups. The advantage of square tables is that it takes up less space.

Umbrella Table – Some picnic tables come with a hole on the surface for umbrellas. This is a feature that’s worth considering if you plan on using it for summer parties where it can provide shade to make your guests more comfortable.

Kids Picnic Table – Because you want to make all your guests happy, you will want to consider a kid-sized picnic table for your guest’s children. These are shorter and smaller making it comfortable for children to climb and sit on.

Final Tip:

If you want to make your guests happy during parties, create a setup where you use all the different types of picnic tables that caters to different needs whether they’re large groups, little children or small groups.