The Charming Bench Company proudly offers an extensive collection of durable and delightful outdoor Dining Sets, skillfully handcrafted, and built to meet the highest quality standards in furniture making. If you adore entertaining family and friends, choose a set that fits the demands of your backyard events and activities. Most outdoor dining sets comprise of wood and metal. The ones made of natural wood are innately resistant to moisture, rotting, and insects, like Teak, Cedar, Pine. Some use metal and wood combined to maximize comfort, durability, beauty, and functionality.

Extensive Style Options. The style sets of the different products are virtually endless. Many of the outdoor dining sets you’ll find in our collection are classic and simple in design. High-end patio sets will include more details that will improve the quality, like having curved seating and backs on the chairs. The tables can also have distinct woodworking patterns that will enhance its visual appeal. The manufacturer may use light and dark wood for contrast and use round legs to cut on a lathe to create variation in composition.

Patio Sets Options. Simple tables and chairs are abundantly made of both wood and metal, or a combination of both. There are other options, such as synthetic lumber sourced from recycled plastic, if you want something else. An outdoor dining set can be one piece or can be a mixture of varied styles, an eclectic mix of different pieces with a common theme for a cohesive styling perspective. You can mix and match dining chairs to your preferred table, regardless of the design. If you want to do a more straightforward route, buying a more extensive one-piece outdoor dining set is easy. It includes picnic tables in their traditional rectangle form or round tables with attached benches. Square picnic tables that seat four people but take up less space than the conventional and round styles.

For the Kids. Having a kids table during family gatherings, especially during the holidays, is crucial. These sets come in a variety of styles and designs that are similar to adult-sized ones. Some sets come painted in fun, bright colors, which are very attractive for the kids and, hopefully, keep them seated and entertained. Kids outgrow everything, so buy a sturdy outdoor dining set with decent resale value once the kids are grown.