Fill your patio with Folding Tables and Chairs for your outdoor needs. We have varied options, including dining, side & end tables of different styles, sizes and materials; folding table and chair sets, and many suitable for outdoor use. Convenience is the first thing that comes to mind with these patio furniture staples, tagged as fold and carry. When utilization of limited space is a concern, folding tables and chairs are definitely handy. Assemble when needed, then store away when done. A folding table can be collapsed in half for quick and easy storage and moved between venues with ease. A folding chair can be stacked on top of the other when not in use.

Our selection of Folding Tables showcase a variety of dining, side, end, and bar tables made of natural wood and plastic, different sizes and shapes - square, round, oval, octagon and rectangular. Wooden tables are from genuine Teak wood, Western Red Cedar and Yellow Pine - treated and untreated. Plastic are sourced from high grade HDPE poly or resin made of recycled plastic, eco-friendly, proprietary materials. These tables are easy to use and fold, stores compactly and are great space savers.

Folding Chairs collection comprise of breakthrough in comfort, portability and durability. It's a delight to have gorgeous patio chairs and still be highly functional. We have a broad selection of comfortable chairs designed and molded to fit the demands of the human body while seated. These are skillfully crafted by local artisans made of enduring materials whether natural wood or faux poly which are all-weather and outdoor ready, light weight and east to fold.

You can buy them in sets, too. These are amazing space savers for small exteriors. A cost effective option for multi-functional patio wherein additional seating for dining is needed occasionally, then this is the best route for you. At The Charming Bench Company, we proudly offer outdoor Folding Tables and Chairs Sets that will surely address all of your outdoor needs in the most affordable way possible.