Outdoor Pillows and Cushions make the experience of lounging on your patio, deck, or pool area much more enjoyable. It'll add a layer of coziness to whenever your outdoors seated on one of your patio chairs. It'll fill in styling gaps in your outdoor setup and provide color, texture, and dimension to a flat surface. Who doesn't want to be cradled on a heavenly soft bed of cotton?

Outdoor patio cushions are available for various outdoor furniture, including benches, swings, daybeds, chaise lounges, sofa, and dining chairs. The single most crucial factor in shopping patio cushions is size. If you don't have the right size, you won't be able to sit comfortably, and the cushions will always be shifting around rather than staying in place. Make sure to measure the patio furniture you're seeking cushions to get a solid idea of the size you need for your pillows.

Outdoor pillows are useful for adding more comfort to your patio sofa, loveseat, or chaise lounge chairs. You want the outdoor pillows to look proportional to your outdoor furniture. If it's too small or large, they will throw off your patio furniture's aesthetics. In addition to size, style is also worth some thought. Select outdoor pillows that are consistent with the current look of your furniture. It's ultimately up to you in terms of the look and feels you're attempting to achieve.

Bringing these Pillows and Cushions outdoors poses a daunting challenge of wrapping these beauties with all-weather, fade-resistant, and stained, mildew-resistant fabric. Just like the A&L Cozy Pillows, which are made of weather-proof Sundown Agora fabric, the patio furniture essential every home should have. View more cushions that you will need for the lounging needs that The Charming Bench Company has prepared especially for you.