Outdoor Barstools and Bar tables are taller and generally take up less space than traditional dining sets, so they are ideal for ensuring ample seating. Although they can sometimes have the look and feel of commercial space, you can find stylish and functional bar stools perfect for your very own home patio. Choosing the right Barstools for your area can be tricky. First, you need to figure out the stool height required so that guests are seated comfortably at your bar or bar table. Then you need to figure out the number of bar stools you need. If you're seating for a table, you need to consider the size of the tabletop.

Do not Overcrowd. At a bar or counter, you need to make sure you have enough room without overcrowding it. Then, you can choose the style and materials to fit your needs and personal design preferences best. Then, determine the height and amount of bar stools you need for your space, you can choose between a wide variety of styles to best suit your needs.

Make your Bar Standout. Stationary or swivel, with a backrest or backless, with an armrest or armless are some of the styles available in our Barstool collection. Take note that, backless bar stools typically have a round or rectangular seat, and can be cushioned. Backless bar stools are lovely if you have limited space. Stools with arms also offer more support and are more comfortable, but take up more space. You may want to consider a stool that swivels are an excellent option function-wise. This way, you and your guests won't have to drag the heavy stool away from the counter and hurry back in once you're seated. However, swivel stools take up more space, especially if they also have arms, so it's essential to consider the amount of space available.

Our Barstools come in various materials, which can vary, both the frame material and seating material. The frame of your bar stool can be made of natural wood, and recycled plastic. The content that will work best for your space depends on your area's climate and desired look. Certain elements hold up better in wet conditions than others. Some are more lightweight and ideal for storage in the offseason.