Adirondack Chairs are among the most comfortable and affordable in outdoor patio furniture. The styles, designs, sizes, and materials used are limitless and extremely varied, as presented in our selection. There is a perfect Adirondackchair for everyone. They sit low to the ground and adjusts into many seating positions by merely using a latch system to move the back of the chair. Instead of having sharp corners on the arms and the front of the seat, the chair curves down with one or two more slats, so it doesn’t dig into your leg. Most Adirondack chairs you find will have a ‘fan’ type back with a rounded top. The seat slopes backward toward the ground to put you in a more relaxed position.

What Kind of Adirondack Chairs Are There. The styles vary. Some use larger slats than others, some seat just one person, and another will seat two or three and use different materials. You can find affordable, poly Adirondack chairs that are sturdy despite the material used and look great with décor with more color in the mix. Most Adirondack chairs, as with most outdoor furniture, will be made of natural wood and metal. Popular wood manufacturers use several types of Cedar, Pine, Teak & Cypress. These types of wood age well and can be stained or coated with different sealants that open up design and customization opportunities. Some chairs will come to you just as the raw wood, so you can paint, stain, and even add material to it if you so desire. 

What Designs Are Available. The ‘original’ Adirondack chair seats one person. It’s simple but made to look pleasing and affordable. However, you can look at two-seaters, three-seaters, or purchasing a set of chairs with a small table, plus add-on items for the chairs. The two-seaters look more like a bench with high backs. You can find ones spacious enough to accommodate two people, and then there's the two seats side by side with a larger armrest in between, or you can find ones with a large tray at the middle known as Tete-a-tete. A variation of these classic chairs are the Adirondack gliders.

Get Cozy Add-Ons. Don’t be afraid to see how you can upgrade even the most basic Adirondack chairs. There are seat and back cushions, and other features like drink holders. Some Adirondack ottomans go great with chair styles that fit more than one person. A patio umbrella comes also handy when lounging outdoors on a scorchingly hot day.