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Bedroom & Vanity Benches

Who said vanity was a bad thing? Our vanity benches beautify your home. Whether you're looking for an accent to compliment a freshly painted living room, bedroom, or family room, our vanity benches will serve as a stylish compliment and a source of design inspiration. 

Bedroom and Vanity Benches

A touch of vanity is never a bad thing especially when it serves a purpose right at the foot of your bed or at a vanity table while you’re doing your hair. A bedroom or vanity bench not only adds style to your bedroom but it’s a functional piece that adds extra function to your bedroom, is a place to display or hold items or just the right addition to fill in an extra huge bedroom. Bedroom benches also save your knees from knocking into the edges of your bed by forcing you to walk around the edge of your bed.

A feminine touch

Feeling like your partner hogged up all the space in your bedroom with his masculinity? Add in a touch of classy feminine with an upholstered and tufted seat either for your bed for your vanity table. Make it look like it’s straight from a Hollywood Regency era by using a bench with antiqued mirror frame and legs.

Add an interesting print

Not feeling a loud zebra print for your bedroom? Maybe a subtle dose of animal print like a cowhide bench is better suited for your tastes. Pair it with a cream or textured area rug underneath to make it stand out.

Bring in glamor and luxury

A tufted white bench with tapered legs blends both classic and traditional perfect for partners who have differing tastes.  Drape a suede throw blanket over it and you’ve got a bedroom straight out of the pages of a magazine.

Break the lines

If you find your bedroom too boxy and linear, add a curvy feature such as a demilune bench ideal for adding a playful curve to a very boxy looking bed.

Create a fancy and functional footboard

Feeling like your bed looks too boring? Play it up by using a bench with a fancy backrest to act as the bed’s footrest. If your bed already has a decorative headboard, choose a bench with a more subdued and simple backrest or a bench with a  backrest that will match your bed’s headboard.

Introduce a unique shape

If you’re tired of your ordinary and plain-looking bedroom, go straight out of the box by picking a bench that will add character to your bedroom.

Different sizes for different beds

It doesn’t matter if your bed is full, king or queen sized. Even a single-sized bed can benefit from an ottoman. If you have a huge bed, putting two smaller benches or ottomans in the same design, will work like a long bench.

Go back to the basics

If you really want to go back to the basic and simple bench, embrace familiarity by using a linear wooden bench. It’s a fail-safe option that’s timeless and will look great in any room regardless of style. If your bench has a clear space underneath, you can opt to put in basket bins for extra storage without it looking like clutter.

Whether it’s for putting on boots, for laying out your outfits, for putting on folded clothes or a place for Felix the cat to lounge on, a bedroom bench is certainly a great addition to a bedroom.